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I am going to call that bullshit or garbage until it is proven useful. If one considers a logic element inside an FPGA a "processor", then sure you can have thousands of "processors". Likewise, if one considers an ASIC version of such computing element, that can run a couple of simple "instructions", to be a processor, then you could even have tens of thousands of "processors" interconnected on a chip. Now that's an impressive record by the "core" count. Is it useful? Yes, useful for counting simple tasks. But is it really useful? No, because we haven't factor in the parsing of complex tasks and the utilization of the throughput of the interconnected grid "network".

The bottom line is, the processor count is fundamentally useless measure without defining what each "core" can do and how efficiently each core is utilized as a whole chip.

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I wouldn't be surprised if they were fairly decent processors, 16-bit or better. You can fit billions of transistors on a modern chip, when you can make a darn good processor with a million or so. The limiting factor is communications, and that's been a problem forever. There are a few specialized problems for which this sort of arrangement can be effective, where either the data for a problem can be duplicated or where the data are fairly small but require a bunch of cycles to process.

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Yes, but it only runs a simple add/subtract calculator. Or, it counts.

If it can run Crysis on max settings and only use 1 watt, then I'll be impressed.

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With a 1000 backdoors and will cost 10k

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is this different to cuda core/ stream processor count on graphics cards?

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Seems like it. There are fewer cores in the CPU, but way more transistors. RX Vega is split up into over 3500 different cored, but only has a total count of about 12 million transistors. The CPU, on the other hand, has 1000 cores and 621 million transistors. To add to this, the GPU is ostensibly specifically optimized for the work of graphics processing. The CPU is just your average CPU, made to handle any load you throw at it.

EDIT: Ignore my stupid bullshit. Vega has billions of transistors. This seems to be an architecture change more than anything.