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Forget the ethics of this for a second.

A backdoor that only "the good guys" can use is literally a technical impossibility.

This is an impossible dream that would decimate the software industry.

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You mean like windows 10?

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windows 10 can be fucked around with so you can secure it.

a barebones iot device has its shit hard built into the device so you have to call out a serviceman at $200 per hour who will look at you and say 'I fix fridges, you need an IT guy'

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A back door that only the good guys can use would be rather useless to the German government, now would it?

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Nah easy, create the device and the back door make one copy give it to the good guys tell them never to turn it on except when they are accessing the back door and only for 1 hour a month. tada! no bad guys as it is not worth the effort for something no one uses and is only has an uptime of around 0.139%

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Let me steer you to the Vault 7 dumps friend.

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The german government also wants to start spying on 'suspected terrorists" (read: everyone) through CAR and HOUSE ALARMS.


Aufwiedersehen, Deutschland.

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I'm not surprised.

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ANYTIME I see something government related I like to ask myself one question. "What would Hitler do with this?"

Pretty much answers any and every government question I have and rather it's good or not.

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Probably check to see if you were a spy, or a threat to the war front and then fucked off as he had other things to worry about.

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So did Hillary!

https://archive.is/oPCi3 + all the other stories of the shadow groups cyber weapons being leaked and backdoors being patched in every device. The uptick in hack attacks compromising YOUR IDENTITY AND LIFEHOOD were funded by your tax dollars, turned against you, and given to the worlds dictators and others who don't care about you the individual.

Honestly - and I think Jake may recall - my reaction in the room as it was happening was the same as what you wrote below, and what Ben related. That she says no backdoor, which is good, but then says we need a way in, and then the bad line about not understanding technology. The latter two points make the first one seem vulnerable.

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No back doors! But a little doggy door wouldn't hurt...

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They are just being polite.

They have it already.

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‘Everything about everyone’: the depth of Stasi surveillance in the GDR.


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after merkel , germans dont get to pick anything ever again... muslims will be doing it

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