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That's fucking cool, I'll explain why. You fuck half of your audience, then slowly you lose the middle and slight left because you went to far left to make sure you are left. Then you lose the far left because you are not left enough. There is no middle ground you don't play politics because you end up fucking yourself appeasing fools. Edit: removed a word

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Just explained the 2016 election cycle.

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While I have no reason to believe that they will indeed focus on banning real extremist content like nudity, child pornography or the rest, it's clear that they will target anything right of Stalin instead. It's a shame that corporations keep kneeling to their liberal overlords but, luckily, we can easily boycott them. The problem is that it will be difficult to bring the best content creators over to sites like pew.tube.

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Time to ramp it up, bois. Make those motherfuckers WORK for their money. Every shitpost I make on jewtube forevermore is going to contain at least one "hate speech" phrase.

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Like, "It's okay to be white"?

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Try to be rhetorical as well, like; "Oh my gagd! I just found this chart on black crime satistics and muslim rapes, and it's SO racist!"

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We should just do like those creepy kids videos they were making recently--cut and paste conservative and political talks with various points--autogenerate that shit and upload it in mass daily.

Game the signal to noise ratio until youtube is selling organs and going broke to fund it's mongrol cock-loving dirty horde of communist purple-haired faggots--until at which point they give up.

In the age of total inversions, attrition warfare is cheap when you're the underdog and have automation on your side.

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My very presence on jewtube will bring out the faggot normies hoping for a peek. Remember there are many ways to spell jooy and neeger. Word searching can have no power for these traitors.

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Member the effort to label blacks as "googles"?

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Trump sure did make some jobs!

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Right as Vidme announces it's going under too.


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We'll see what Vidme comes out w/ next.

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Just remember that all google are your enemy. They hate you, and want to kill you.

Skype are also your enemy. They'll smile at your face while stealing your wallet, and stabbing you in the back.

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Meanwhile, elsagate chugs on...

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All the while hook tube grows.

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They need to amp up that site and allow uploads

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hooktube ... as the name implies ... "hooks" into youtube.

The ONLY thing hooktube does is provide a proxy for you to watch jewtoob videos without 1) spam, 2) tracking and 3) monitizing faggots.

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Can hook tube be blocked?

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They're going to lose a lot of popular channels if they do this.

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They think that they can replace independent creators with legacy media: CNN, CBS, NBC, MTV, etc. They're very, very wrong.

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Do... do they even know the entire basis of their own fucking platform?

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YouTube will become the family-friendly "channel" of the internet, where it's all sunshine, rainbows and childrape ice cream. I really hope they keep going. Keep censoring, keep shadowbanning, keep pulling advertisers, keep digging your own grave.

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With endless amounts of blackstone llc inc money they never were meant to be profitable but to set the bar for profitability so low competition could never exist.

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"Controlled opposition."

I call it the three B's. Build it, Burn it, and then Bury it.

No one rebuilds on salted earth. All the content producers will go elsewhere but if they shut down tomorrow, the discouragement would likely mean there wouldn't be another platform like it for the better part of a generation.

Banks print fed notes -> Fed notes get washed through the oil/debt recycler and investment banks. Investment banks loan money to VCs. VCs loan money to 'tech' companies that are essentially extensions of the intelligence clearing houses. Tech companies implement domestic and foreign agendas and policies to wholly manufacture 'shape' public opinion and policy, and the circus goes on.

Now where did I place my bread?

Oh right, it inflated out of my pocket, and rained down from money clouds to be collected at the printing press so they can water their menorah money trees so they can enrich themselves with the product of all our labor, livelihood, and finite lifespan they stole 'borrowed' with no real input from any of us and no means of peaceable redress.

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This so much. VC funding killed any real innovation.

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