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Google does this with search too. Talk about something outloud, read something on a website, and then watch the autocomplete on

What amazes me is facebook has all this data and their ads and such are still terrible.


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People are fooling themselves if they truly believe advertisement is the end goal. Privatized surveillance if anything. Goldstein had it all figured out 70 years ago:

The spectacular scientific progress that humanity has witnessed in less than a century now allows to determine at any given time whether someone is home or not, with whom that person is, and what is being said. For, thanks to a minor modification of personal phones, a phone operator only has to plug in a pair of headphones to listen in. Indeed, the mere act of picking and hanging up the phone opens and closes the connection with the telephone center, thanks to a switch mechanism that prevents electrical current from going to and from the speaker and microphone. If this switch only acts on the speaker, the microphone shall permanently remain connected to the network, and thus a phone operator would only need to listen in order to pick up what is being said in the vicinity of a telephone booth.

Recent developments allowing TV cameras to be transported inside TV studios allow us to expect with confidence the emergence of miniature cameras no bigger than a pack of cigarettes, and whose mass production would become very affordable. With the collaboration of technicians, telecom and electric companies, it should thus become possible to offer every household a direct connection with a national TV network, and, for a reasonable price, a TV receptor equipped with a miniature camera. Thus, in addition to sound that can already be picked up in every household there will be images.

Naturally, such installations in public places, coffee shops, restaurants, hotels, train and bus stations would greatly improve public safety. Their justification would readily be embraced by the population: permanent access to information everywhere from receiving ends, and the safety of honest people form emitting ends. Only criminals and troublemakers would ever question them.

-J. B. E. Goldstein, Theory and Practice of Oligarchical Collectivism, 1948


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What amazes me is facebook has all this data and their ads and such are still terrible.

Because while Facebook has all of the relevant info, the only people buying ads are bullshit ones like gourmet pet food shops that charge 5x more for basic kibble, like the one in OPs video.