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Visa restrictions are one of the powers the president actually has and can implement. so not really. The president can allow or disallow anyone he wants into the country. Id rather have regulation that favors American workers over foreign ones anyday. Besides, if he's lowering the corporate tax (although I wish it was lowered to 1%) There's no need to hire overseas talent when you have great talent at home.

but really that's all that can be said on the subject. . .if Trump REALLY lowered the federal income tax AND corporate tax to a flat tax of 1%. . . and put a moratorium on ALL immigration for 3 years while tightening up the requirements(those still in line can still go through the process as there is a multi year waiting list already) Maaaaan, that would be glorious as fuck. A man can dream though.

Also visa law and regulation is a part of border law, so Now actually, Ron Paul would NOT mess with that, and probably would make it stronger as well. He DOES believe in borders after all.