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I was gonna say, we also need to focus on super scummy vendor companies which fuck over their workers by skimming 40% or more off the top.


[–] AmaleksHairyAss 3 points 18 points (+21|-3) ago 

According to Wikipedia only about 20% of H1B and L1 applications are denied. That means Americans are pretty much directly competing with the whole third world for these jobs.


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Yup, I've noticed for example, that someone with 6 - 10 years of experience used to be called a senior developer. Now they are considered entry level or junior. That's with 6 - 10 YEARS of experience. Also the 6 figure salaries in the market are wayning fast. Most of those jobs are super senior level, or manager. And they require a Masters or PHD of some sort. The tech market is pretty much complete shit at this point thanks to the H1b system. And tech companies have the balls to complain they need more slave labor


[–] 10881720? 2 points 2 points (+4|-2) ago 

We should be allowing the very best and brightest from other countries to come to the US, and refusing all others. Somalis? Wetbacks? We'll pass. Top 1% of your countrymen? Sure, we'll give you a shot. Don't try anything funny.


[–] Cucky_Sanders 1 points 10 points (+11|-1) ago 

I think we should also ban those slime ball Temp-Job Agencies too, companies use them to avoid paying a working wage w/benefits.

Shitttty companies like Wal-Mart that have a point system designed knowing almost no one will make it out of the probationary period. 5 mins late a few time and catch the flu this winter? "sorry you're fired apply again in 6 months".

This allows them a revolving door of workers they never have to give raises or benefits.


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Yeah those temp agencies are like fly on shit in the tech field. Multiple times they will promise you the world, but then as soon as you ask them for anything, crickets from the peanut gallery. As long as they can steal all they can, they couldnt care less. They are literally modern day slave traders.


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We use temp agencies for low skilled labor where 30% of the people don't even show up after their week of paid training.

The main advantage from a recruiting aspect seems to be that when people are sacks of shit, we don't have to follow an HR process of documentation (6 months minimum to fire someone who ceases to give a fuck) to get rid of them, and we don't have to worry about the frivolous discrimination lawsuits when we do fire them.

We hire the good people in full time. Temps let us trial people. The agencies charge us more than 30% of the person's pay. That is a lot of money and we don't take it lightly.


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Unions is what we need. Not blue shithead unions involved in modern 'politics'. Unions that will vote in leaders regardless of party, and preferably third-party as a big middle finger to our current chucklefuck 'leaders'.

The solution isn't to 'burn down the system' like college dumbfucks and hippies talk about, but to entirely replace the system--without permission or going through official channels. Just drop out, tune out, and elect and build organizations that use the mass of human non-compliance as a giant fuck you to authoritarian shitheads throwing their weight around.

In other words, we can throw our weight around too.

Have you ever tried to stop the tide?

Yeah, we're that tide. And I'll tell you what, the tide is coming in.


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Umm Ex Walmart worker here, did 2 years. Handbook states you can be up to 15 minutes late without it being a tardy. I was 15 minutes late everyday.