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To implement solar on a large scale is to transfer wealth from massive; oil, coal, and nuclear based corporations, which is probably the main reason it hasn't already happened here. I refuse to believe solar technology isn't capable of handling all our needs, it's just a fact the massive corporations controlling power aren't going to switch over until they have to.

It's like the oil thing, we're not really hurting for it, but we'll deplete all the resources of other countries before we rely on our own or hybrid technologies. It's also a strategic military issue, if the Middle East is no longer loaded with oil it really diminishes their ability to gain any kind of ground militarily. Though their ground invasion into Europe is pretty damn effective given "liberal" insanity.

Thorium needs to be a bigger thing and more well known, but with that you don't get all the spare nuke material to make bombs with. Sad though, Thorium was the original nuclear technology and was safer, it just didn't benefit the MIC so it never went anywhere.


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thorium is nice but in the long run fusion will be the first choice. there is ITER and there are really interesting results expected from Wendelstein 7x very soon


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Solar technology alone is not capable of handling all our needs. It'd be great if it did, but there's really no argument necessary. It's just too bad a solar farm takes over 10x the footprint of a single coal plant to produce the same amount of power in a prime sunny location, and there's no way to store that power for a rainy day. You know this already though. Also, I was under the impression Thorium was cold fusion, and we all know how claims of cold fusion always turn out... That "powered for 100 years" Thorium car article has been thoroughly debunked.