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Like the early steam engines, there were a huge amount of engine designs created, but it wasn't until boiler technology caught up did we start to see successful applications.

As you pointed out its all just giving it a go until someone gets it right.

Also, it helps to understand that without some of the earlier advances in steam technology it may have been a lot harder or even inconceivable to build the first functioning boiler. After all, how does one design something effectively, without a good understanding of why it is needed to do the job it is being designed for.

I'd call that a startup product, art or just plain old junk. With that said though, all those things carry the potential to be re-purposed for things that were at the time, outside of the scope/understanding of the person who originally designed and built that thing.

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And people think it's soooo eaaasyyyy to invent something. We use the final product and however simple it is, it went through many revisions and steps of shit that did not work.