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Nope. This is politically motivated 100%. None of the assclowns spewing SJW bullshit have had their channels affected.


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Is this because the YouTube employees chose to punish them, or because the YouTube employees created broken software that listens to SJW complaints?

A lot of the mischief I see on the Internet comes from software that uncritically listens to pathetic whiners.

I see the same thing on nonpolitical reviews of nonpolitical books on Amazon that have been gamed by a tiny brigade of rabid fans. For example, a lot of Anne McCaffrey's e-books used to be, and may still be, amateurish productions drowning in typos. But the Amazon software listened to the tiny cabal of fanatics and suppressed the accurate reviews, showing that the books are A++++ awesome.

To err is human. To really screw up requires a computer.