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YouTube's CEO just made her own channel, and her first video, titled "Advice from Creators", is filled with creators from Vine, Instagram, and even Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, all while never mentioning any of the current "Ad-pocalypse" that is killing creators site-wide.

Clearly delusional, although you don't know how much is "I'm so crazy I can't hear criticism" and how much is "my attempts at subtle PR should work as long as I never point out the horrific flaws plaguing my company".


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Did you see her first vid's like to dislike ratio? She was at 34k downvotes to 5k upvotes when I saw it. The comments were VERY salty... ALL negative... "Stop censoring Youtube", "You'll be out of a job soon", "Way to ruin a gem of a tech company" etc.