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Have these experts ever tried to pair a fucking device recently....jeezus effing christ! One of my wireless bluetooth head phones needs 20 fucking steps to get connected. Waste of $98 dollars. Why is everything rotten with tech always so effortless? Slow internet? pop-ups appear instantly meanwhile your content takes six years to load. Wireless tech? Meh - if you're lucky you might stay connected. Use a virus automatically connects and uses your device like a pro. Why can't we get the good parts to work so fucking flawlessly and without human interaction?! 2017 people. It's 2017. I want my O.S. to format and install itself via voice command you geeky fucking PCB niggers! /rant.

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"It's estimated to potentially affect up to 8 billion around the world, and that's because it's got the capability to infect Window, Linux, Android and iOS devices prior to iOS 10," he said.

"So the latest iOS isn't affected."

Nice try Apple. I'm still not buying an iphone.

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Anyone have a good write up of the technical details of the vulnerability?

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Yea, but you have to contact Appl3 first so they can make/write the tech specs and then charge you $99 to access the forum.

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Start reading mate.

Maybe throw in some white/grey hat search queries.

Turn the bluetooth off on your devices until there is a relative patch for your chosen devices.