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There is a fundamental flaw in our thinking about how this should be used. Face ID could be great, but it's being applied incorrectly. Your face shouldn't be your password. It should be your user name.


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Even with that though, Biometrics are fakeable and one it's gone, you can't change it.


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You're right. Just like any other user name is. I could try to login with your user name. It's easy. I'll just type ElDulce into that field, but the point is that your password must be combined with that.

It's just like my ATM card. It's something I have combined with something I know. I have my ATM card, and I know my PIN. Could my card be faked? Of course, but an attacker still requires a part of my knowledge for it to be useful. Is a 4-digit PIN really secure? No way, but when the two are combined, it's pretty good.

This same concept should be applied to biometrics. Something I have combined with something I know. I have my face or my finger, and they should function just like my ATM card. But the key is kept private. It's something that only I know.


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https://archive.fo/rhNPo | https://files.catbox.moe/o968f6.png :

Why Face ID won’t give you the legal protection of a passcode - The Verge

'And as long as it’s easy to switch between Face ID and passcode security, you could mitigate the risk considerably. '

'This vulnerability isn’t unique to Face ID or Apple; I originally laid out the problem after Samsung introduced face unlocking in its phones this spring. '

'In the short time since Apple announced its Face ID feature for the iPhone X, we’ve seen a lot of questions about its security compared to a fingerprint or passcode. '

'For example, if you’re arrested, can a police officer just point your phone at your face and unlock it?'

'But the same arguments will likely apply to your face as your fingerprint. '

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You know face Id is good thing when law enforcement officials expressed frustration about difficulties to extract data .

“Most of the forensics community in law enforcement has known for a while, through the Apple IOS 11 betas, that security was going to be even more difficult and hamper law enforcement’s ability to extract data.”

Kudos to Apple to provide better features to support consumer data