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However, all one needed to do in order to view said password was to right-click on the employee’s profile page and select “view source,” a function that displays the raw HTML code which makes up the Web site. Buried in that HTML code was the employee’s password in plain text.

It's amateur hour folks! Welcome to the shitshow!

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India programmers

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They had to cut costs to pay their CEO.

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Thisbisnt even amateur mistake. There is middle school kids that could build better security.

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Equifax needs to be ended for this, seriously

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This is what happens when you have diversity hires for important positions...like...oh...idunno... chief of security.

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That's not it. Here is their chief security officer. As an aside that is 100% real. The live link is at: www.link--edin.com/in/susan-m-93069a/ . Remove the dashes, apparently linkedin is a banned domain on Voat?

Looks like just plain old nepotism. We need a new chief of security? My niece would be just excellent. She helped me install that new Windows 10! She even has a masters degree in music, complimenting her undergraduate study in study in music. No no no. I know what you're thinking. But really, security and music are really one and the same if you think about it long enough!

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It's reverse psychology! Think about it. Nobody would think they're that stupid.

Actually nvm.

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Kind of how up until recently the nuclear launch codes were all zeroes.

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"No one would ever guess..."

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"Must be a honeypot, man. Don't do it."

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It was planned. This was not a hack it was a release.

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I can see that being true"well Equifax released all you're information any way why worry about us" I see that happening.

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Damn it, these days it's getting harder and harder to tell whether The Onion articles are being posted.

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I think the onion can some how get news from the future.

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That's too kind

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The profits of a billion dollar corporation, the security of a mom n pop shop.

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