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It's sad to see consumer electronics designed to be disposable like razor blades or something.

There's absolutely no reason they couldn't build a modular phone where you could swap out and upgrade the battery, memory, and processor as you need to.

They don't want us to have control over our property though.

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It's pointless waste. And it's waste by design. Frankly, we should have laws against excessive planned obsolescence.

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laws against excessive planned obsolescence

Moar government. How about buyers exercise discretion?

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No there should not be. Someone should become their competition and take away their business. That's how free trade is suppose to work.

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Don't like, don't buy.

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When I purchased televisions in the past they always came with the option of an extended warranty for some additional money. Generally it extended the warranty to (I forget exactly) around 4-5 years.

Without fail the TVs would have some failure in hardware a few months after the original warranty would have ended so the extended warranty tech had to come by and diagnose.

Every time this happened the part that failed would be either discontinued or so costly to replace that the warranty company would instead give us a newer model TV for the cost of the tech's visit and offer an "extended service contract". The cost of the service contract ended up being about 10-20% of the cost of the new TV. This went on for years until I ended up leaving the TV with my sister who decided it "wasn't worth it" to continue the system (Why? I'll never know).

Point being, manufacturers know when their products will fail and they base warranty length on how long they want the product to last. The warranties cover up until they begin to fail, after that they expect most people to just buy a new one.

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When I was younger this is how I would get new cool stuff. I bought broken crap from people, took it apart and fixed it. Back then it was a lot easier though. Usually just a bad resistor or a bad cap. Now its some of the logic chips that are 'built to fail'. Not nearly as easy or as cheap to fix as it used to be.

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There's absolutely no reason they couldn't build a modular phone where you could swap out and upgrade the battery, memory, and processor as you need to.

There is no good reason to make mobile phones with user-replaceable memory and CPUs; Almost nobody wants that feature and most customers would be worse off for the higher manufacturing cost, thicker devices, and less guaranteed compatibility.

Batteries are the only part of a phone that might require user replacement, and most people never even wear that down.

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The higher manufacturer cost isn't as much as you would think, if they were built and designed and mass produced that way. The phone itself might cost $50 more at purchase, however you could save yourself many hundreds of dollars over the life of the phone because you wouldn't be forced to replace the entire thing for full cost every 2-3 years.

Making things disposable is done for companies benefit, not consumers.

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And user-replaceable parts just add points of failure and bulk. Replaceable memory? It's part of the CPU. Flash memory? Just get a phone with a microSD slot.

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Yeah, worse yet. They USED to be able to at least do some of those things (new battery, cases-backs that added wireless charging..etc).

Now its just a POS you replace every year. Fuck That.

Ive gone back to the cheapest damn thing that works... as a fucking phone.

At this point I refuse to pay more than $200 for a phone. The features are not useful. I dont need the extra processing power.. I am not trying to use a phone as a desktop or a VR rig. Seeing phones come out costing as much or more than a medium to nice gaming PC is fucking insane.

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Yep, we've reached useful feature saturation on phones, we did a long time ago. They are adding useless "enhancements" every iteration that the vast majority of people don't want or need.

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$1000 phone

lasts only one year

good goyim! buy that shit!

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If people are that retarded, it would not take an analyst to rack up as much apple stock as possibe

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People are leasing their phones from wireless providers already as it is.

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So don't buy it. Sorted.

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'But in court, Apple argues that it is only responsible for ensuring the iPhone lasts one year

Isn't that true? Isn't this entirely driven by the market and advertising etc? If I buy a tool with a 30 day warranty from Harbor Freight and do their payment program and it dies after 40 days but I still hae 2 months more to pay it off, I don't think I get to sue or anything... It's just a shitty product. And I'll let people know it's a shitty product and it's up to them if they care or not.

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Imagine being one of those morons that gets a brand new phone every year like clock work. Meanwhile I've had the same flip phone for 5

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.. 5 what ? See with dumb phones you could say months, years or even better part of a decade....

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Lol. Newb hasn't figured out yet that you are supposed to replace "smart" With "Spy"

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For those of you who are under 30 years old. Look up "Planned Obsolescence" It's certainly not a new concept. For fucks sake stop spending your money.

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How? There's no alternative options. Show me one modern car that's not designed to fail at some point.

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108K on my 12 year old truck and going strong. I do the maintenance myself and have done at least one job that was $3K in parts alone, and would have been a $7K quote from a garage; that would have been when most people trade it in or sell it to bubba. Cars are easier than electronics because they have discrete systems and components that are replaceable.

If you put half a car payment into a bank account every month, even after it was paid off, you could drive pretty much any car forever using that money for maintenance and repairs. But instead we get a 7 year loan, and then another... And another...

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What? I didn't invent this idea. They plan things to fail on purpose. Did you even look it up? jesus fucking christ nigger faggot jew!

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uhh. maybe dont be so fixated on 'modern'? Buy an older Toyota. Get it put through a good mechanic. The damn thing will make it to 1 million miles if you take care of it.

(Currently on a 20 year old rig with over 270k on it. Runs like a tank).

Do not sacrifice 'features' for reliability and maintainability. Hell, with the money you save you can add most of those annoying bullshit features anyway.

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https://archive.fo/cC0Ju | https://files.catbox.moe/blrvx4.png :

The iPhone Is Guaranteed to Last Only One Year, Apple Argues in Court - Motherboard

'But in court, Apple argues that it is only responsible for ensuring the iPhone lasts one year, the default warranty you get when you buy an iPhone. ', "Apple's iPhone warranty is similar to other warranties we expressly agree to when we buy electronics.", "But on this iPhone Day, it's worth considering how long Apple expects an iPhone to last.", "For comparison, if you enroll in Apple's iPhone Upgrade Program, you will be paying for your new phone for two full years.", "If your phone breaks after the warranty is up, well, you're out of luck, Apple argues."

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Y r u linking to vice

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