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Well, I guess if Samsung wanted to grab Apple by the balls, they definitely can now.

Samsung is behind the scenes on a lot of electronics these days, though. They've been known pioneers in display technology for years, but they've also become quite the name in the chip fabrication industry.

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Samsung is one of the worlds biggest companies, it has it's balls dipped into everything you can think of.

Clothing, Fashion, both residential and commercial real estate, automotive car manufacturing, aerospace, home automation, military hardware (tanks, APCs). They own their own US based payment firm and as of 2016 they are now in the business of artificial intelligence.

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Their SSD's also.

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That's true and one of the only companies who can supply the demand of Apple and deliver. But we need more competition because as consumers it will fall on us in terms of price and services which will cost us quite a lot of monies to spend on.

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haha first oled good enough for the iphone :-D

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Kinda well know in the industry. Apple has been, for some time, trying to shift away from Samsung as a supplier because of the obvious reason: funneling money to a direct competitor.