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Jokes on you, my face hasn't changed, and I've flipped sides.

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AI running probabilities is awesome, until it gets to black people. These people are fucking retarded.

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The A.I. will probably be tweaked to show niggers in some better spotlight, like raising their IQ. So even then it has to be artificially boosted (LIE!) to make them less like the chimps they are.

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I imagine it'll be similar to SAT testing. Being black gives you 100 free points so the AI will add an additional 20 IQ points for "historic racism".

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I can't speak to this particular professor, but I can tell you that many people who actually study intelligence are generally very sober and straightforward about the race/IQ issue, and general consensus I've heard is not politically correct, but will also emphatically say that race is not a statistically reliable indicator of intelligence.

Of course, I don't know how many of them would create a program like this though, which essentially is attempting to correlate two highly inheritable traits (IQ and facial features) and detect one from the other.

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the impartial data is bias because it doesn't agree with us.

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Mookie steps in front of the lens. Error...Error....Teeth and Eyes only!!! Re-scanning in 10 seconds

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Detect politics? Like if I have ripped clothes, black lipstick and purple hair you need an ai to tell me what the political compass says about me?

What a waste of ai potential.

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I posted a lot more information about the research this is based on in another submission here. The incredibly interesting thing is that it wasn't determining sexuality based on what you'd think of as sexual cues. It was determining it for men by examining mostly their nose, eyes, eyebrows, cheeks, hairline and chin. For women it was the the nose, mouth corners, hair and neckline that played key roles.

This doesn't necessarily mean it's only looking at genetic factors. Your lifestyle and decisions are reflective in your physical appearance. For instance a very obvious thing is that an obese person is going to have less self control and a more self indulgent personality. Or a person with cauliflower ear is probably athletic and likely trained in some form of martial art. These are very simple first-degree factors, but ultimately there are countless things we do that affect our body in various ways and while humans may not be able to pick up on the more subtle of these signals (and they may be entirely nonsensical from our perspective) - AIs can pick up on them.

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Phrenology is back and here to stay.

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It never should have gone away. There is a well documented universal human aesthetic and things like having ears too low in relation to the position of the eyes can reliably predict mental defect/deficiency.

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A fucking stereotype machine. Idiot-scholars and their "better than random means predictability" models. How useful is this? Probably great for destroying the social fabric of America, identity politics, and for-profit prisons

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To be fair, for profit prisons are going to be awesome once they start live broadcast, pay per view gladitorial contests.

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Those proceeds should go to public goods as opposed to shareholders

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The higher the IQ, the farther right your politics.

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Since AI has shown a pattern of consistently HATING people over the color of their skin, I fully expect a nigger chimpout accusing the AI programmers as evil white racists.

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AI isn't stupid. It knows a nigger when it sees one. It can probably deduce how they smell too, and it can certainly see the correlation between nigs and crime, so in a way, the AI probably hates niggers almost as much as, if not more than us.

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