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This article is like reading Sorcha Faal we can't be this stupid. It's cookie cutter disinformation. Not one single word about any Russian company closing a back door and that is the claim in the title. Pathetic.

Posts like this make me lose faith with the amount of upvoats it gets. Makes people look foolish really.

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It's not even like reading Sorcha Faal. It IS Sorcha Faal.

By: Sorcha Faal, and as reported to her Western Subscribers

And yeah, people upvoat based on the title before even reading the content.

This article is total dysinfo bullshit. It's that the premise is so plausible that people upvoat uncritically.

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It doesn't sound plausible. Anyone who has been paying attention knows that the CIA could give a fuck about the windows backdoors. Yes they are convenient but they have hardware backdoors that are also convenient.

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That explains why it sounded exactly like one hA!

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The claim in the title is supported by the text.

"...Russian and United Kingdom based Kaspersky Lab after its experts discovered a “backdoor” (that bypasses a computers customary security mechanisms) embedded by the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) into all Microsoft software products—and who after doing so, these same Kaspersky Lab experts then issued a “protective patch” (that fixes computer security vulnerabilities) to “close” this CIA “backdoor” .."

This is provable by visiting the Kaspersky Labs Antivirus Patch Repository.

Your post is in error.

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Any responsible article will source every single claim it makes. If you could share a link with me to validate then Id be happy to hear it.

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No way. Did you see the picture in the article? They are very competent.

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a whole lot of people on voat are complete idiots that can't think past their own indoctrination. i laugh at a whole lot of "red pill" posts anymore. the new blue pill is to believe you are red pilled when you don't understand shit. but that is life for you, there will always be idiots almost everywhere you go, they are the majority after all.

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That's who they make rules for isn't it.

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So Kapersky Labs, a Russian company formed by ex Russian intelligence officer, finds proof of Microsoft backdoors put in place by the CIA and even offers to testify in front of congrees, offering their source code, which detects the vulnerability, as proof. Now Best Buy has agreed to pull Kapersky anti-virus from their shelves in order to appease the real hackers, the corrupt US IAs. Get ready for all the shills voat, they are here to provide you with a counter narrative.


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I'm going to live in the woods, no backdoors whatsoever there.

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windows has tooooooo many holes to be plugged... don't even need the cia backdoors..

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I'm inclined to agree with you. The article in the OP is very confusing. It states multiple times that the vulnerability is an intentional backdoor, but doesn't source that statement anywhere. And I'm not able to find any corroborating information in any of the other articles mentioning this Equation Group and their alleged cooperation with Microsoft.

It sounds more like the Equation group is working independently from Microsoft, and - if the Equation Group has ties to the NSA - are targeting specific suspects, leveraging undisclosed vulnerabilities in order to load rootkits or custom drive firmware on specific target computers. No mention of a backdoor, let alone one that's present in all Microsoft Software.

This is exactly what I'd expect a national security agency to do, to be honest, as long as they're going after foreign suspects and respecting the constitutional rights of their own citizens. To be clear, I suspect the NSA regularly oversteps its bounds in that regard, but I haven't seen any compelling evidence to suggest that they're doing anything other than independently stockpiling vulnerabilities to use against foreign threats.

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What a disturbing mess we live in.

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Any USians here? Did you notice an exploding noise?

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As my wife says, we don't do windows.

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Sorcha Faal

Jesus Christ, did you just quote sucha fail? Look kid, this isn't god like productions

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I'm more concerned with the stupidity of Microsoft's search engine Bing and Google's. Any news returns are extreme msm leftist trollery. Pages and pages of nothing but msm. Propaganda that makes the old USSR's Tass look honest. If they're going for the long game of redpilling people through disgust it just might work.

Opera and duckduckgo gives honesty a teeny fighting chance anyway.

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Gee right after US government bans its employees from using Kaspersky software and Best Buy stops selling its products. No conspiracy here at all...

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