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Tutanota? Their servers are in Germany, right? They're probably scanning peoples emails like other countries, but I guess you're somewhat ok, if you're not an EU state member citizen.

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No, Germany is actually one of the safest countries as far as mass surveillance goes. The constitutional court has thus far shot down all laws in that regard, even EU laws.

So long as your emails are encrypted, they pretty much have the same rights as letters.

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Germany are almost singlehandedly funding the EU through extortionist taxation of its working class citizens. The EU listens to Germany. It was Merkel who intervened in Cuckbook.

Everything that comes out of that country is bullshit from behind a facade of more shit. Citizens are tied to their IP address, people are being arrested just about monthly for 'hate speech online', and I guarantee you there is an unholy amount of surveillance going on at all times.

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5 eyes sees all, shares all.

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Germany is not part of 5 eyes.

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Yes but mailbox is encrypted and mails can be too.

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The U.S. is good for free speech, lousy for privacy. The E.U. is good for privacy, lousy for free speech.

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go for protonmail.com instead

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I tried protonmail, but it just feels so basic. I also don't remember the last time I had to actually send an email. I guess you really can't have it both ways.

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Nothing wrong with that 'basic'.

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It is, definitely. But I think it looks nice and it loads a lot faster than Gmail on my crappy internet connection. I understand calendar support is coming by the end of the year. I'm still waiting for contacts to support phone numbers; currently you can save names and email addresses only.

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That's actually my exact trio: Brave, DuckDuckGo, Protonmail.

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Use startpage instead of DDG

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Except that duck duck go is abysmal as a search engine. But i'm sticking with it cos I detest Jewgle.

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DuckDuckGo was "created" by Gabriel Weinberg.

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What a fucking surprise. Is there anything not tainted by these motherfuckers?!

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It's Bing with a privacy front end. It's good.

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You mean Bing, with an extra layer of spying. Use searx.me instead.

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Tutana mail you say. Thanks, im always looking for a list of email addresses that dont require a phone number to start a new one. Have a hand full of proton mail ones i like to keep a few

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my nigga

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This is a good list. It's just missing Bitwarden for password managers and 2FA apps; it's feature-comparable to Lastpass except its open source.

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You should try Linux Mint too. It's very sexy and it usually works out of the box. It also takes fewer system resources to run and won't get slower over time.

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I tried Linux Mint.19.Sarah and everything about it sucks. Ubuntu from ten years ago seems to have been better.

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I ran/run mint and ubuntu. Both are 6/10 OS. I've posted about some of the problems here but Linux fanboys generally get mad when you point them out.

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Mint is infected by systemd, too. I think the next thing I try is Alpine or something like that.

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That might be interesting. Isn't Alpine pure Linux as opposed to GNU/Linux?

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Be cautious of Linux Mint, a while the downloads were infected and backdoored. Try other distro's like Arch or Gentoo, read setup guide, learn something, feel secure as you can.

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Thats VERY old news buddy.

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Linux Mint is a shockingly stellar product considering it has fewer developer than any Gnome-based or KDE-based distribution. It has a few bugs here and there but it is otherwise a strongly recommended Linux for anyone looking to escape Windows.

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Linux Mint KDE ftw.

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I'm in the process of switching from gmail to protonmail, and it feels REAL nice.

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I have my old Gmail account set to forward to my Protonmail account, then have my Protonmail account set to put a big "from Gmail" label on anything addressed to my Gmail account so that incoming forwards are clearly marked and I can update my email address with different contacts and services as I use my inbox.

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What kind of phone do you have?

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Not OP but I have a rooted android phone running lineageos with no Google services. No data goes to google unless I actually use their websitr.

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I'm so close to being able to finally do this. I just need to find a way to support my Vector smartwatch without Play Services. Protonmail also (stupidly) uses Play Services for their push notifications.

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I heard the android hardware is still backdoored/infected. Any truth to that?

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The worst thing you can have as far as Google goes is a stock Android phone.

Android comes with a battery and bandwidth hog called Google Play Services. It runs in the background on your phone and tells Google everything about you. Where you are at all times, and thus where you've been, what you search for online, what your interests are, who you email, what accounts and usernames you use, etc.

I don't recommend Apple. I actually recommend Android without Google, install a build of Android without Google Play Services. Like 'lineageos', detailed instructions on their website.

It takes some messing around to get spoofing to work with 'microG' through 'tingle', which make apps on your phone think Google Play Services is running. For some reason a lot of apps use Google Play Services to display notifications. But it's definitely possible.

Use an alternative maps app too. I'm having a good experience with 'Here Wego'.

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