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Google headquarters has a physical location and a lot to lose. Not smart.

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The world isn't dying, it is being killed, and the creatures killing it all have names and addresses.

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In my city I stumbled upon a secret google office building, they didnt mark it outside. I was hunting around for an ATM and there it was. They saw the backlash coming long ago.

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i dont use google. havent for about a year.

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that you know about...

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right. thats the thing, i deleted facebook a year ago and im certian google and facebook have sold all my shit.

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do you use youtube? do you have an android phone? do you use chrome?

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I stopped using them over ten years ago. When they fucked me on adsense and then did the same to a few other people/sites I knew.




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It's only a matter of time until Google and Facebook turn the information they have on you, against you. Their end game is to weaponize what they've collected and use it to destroy you (and every other 'nazi' and 'white supremacist') personally, professionally and financially.

If you haven't scrubbed your info as best you can and haven't blocked these faggots at the router then you're going to deserve what's coming for you.

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Their end game is to destroy white culture period.

The only whites that would be spared from the genocide in the end are those delusional whiteys with white guilt and black spouses.

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and in the end, old age would do them in, their mongrel children taking up the yoke of the kikes, as the world burns.

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Come at me, Bro.

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[–] Schreiber 1 points 4 points (+5|-1) ago  (edited ago)

Can confirm that google search result is literally FUCKED UP..

I tried googling "groid iq."

The first search result: "Young, Gifted and Black: High IQ 6-Year-Old Suspended Twice."

The second search result: "11-Year-Old Genius Scores Higher Than Einstein on IQ Test"

Trying the same search on duckduckgo:

The first search result: "Subhuman pint sized Low IQ Groid manlet bags Denmark beauty.."

The second search result: "Groid infested & black hole known as U.S. Postal Service to..."

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This is why I switched to Duck Duck Go. It didn't make sense to stick with google anymore. Their search results are pretty garbage.

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Startpage is, as far as I know, OK too.

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Stop shilling for DDG, though, you 9 day old accounts (there's two of you here, wow). It's probably just as bad, only less known. It raises some red flags and is shady all around. (It secretly tracks you.)

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Not the biggest fan of this article. Too "sensational". I didn't like the fact that he used such weak evidence as proof of Eric Schmidt's liability, and then the next paragraph was something something "gay". Too many buzzwords to be an empirical article.

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What would really start to screw Google over is if conservatives started boycotting advertisers who use Google. If using Google for ads becomes a liability for advertisers, then Google would be in deep shit.

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I worked for Google as a search evaluator for 4 or 5 years. I quit this year because of the new guidelines that started in January which had us also judging sites based on whether they included hate speech, offensive material, fake news, or unreputable sources. This included conspiracies, homeopathic medicine, climate change and holocaust deniers, anti lgbt, fake science, it was an absolute mess.

It started with our Youtube guidelines, supposedly to fight click bait vids. Then it moved over to search engine results as well. Any site that wasn't from a Google approved "reputable" source, got the lowest ratings. When I quit we were rating sites based on Melissa Zimdars fake news list which was given to use by our company admins. They were also discussing leaving search results out completely, creating a search bubble.

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I suspect even regular people are waking up to the fact that Google is anything but neutral...especially white people.

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