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I hate apple

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Not that this should change your opinion of Apple, but this article is a repost of news from 2014.

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Well they're SJWs who hired an AIDS fagit for CEO

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This is obviously fake who the fuck is


Are there really 70 shill fucking accounts UPVOATING this shit ?

Edit: well now the shills pulled their worthless voats now that theyd been called out FUCK YOU!

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Apparently there are... and 2 downvoting you. @anonhq is a bigtime shill

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Holy fan boi .. .......

But yet android 7 will still run on phones that started with 4..

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Bingo, Apple just uses the new OS as an excuse to make the older phones look bad. If you could turn off a lot of the visual stuff that was added after the 4s came out it would have not appeared as slow but thats Apple for you, they only care about user experience on the latest products.

Not optimizing for older hardware is basically all thats going on and the only reason older hardware gets the newer iOS version is to make you notice the newer phones.

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That and because you are required to have the new iOS for many apps to function. So you update the iOS to get the new app and boom your shits slow as fuck. Oh but if you don't update there is also that security flaw that they released publicly that they now fixed with the new update so you better upgrade!

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It's both intentional and unintentional planned obsolescence. Legitimate software updates for any generational technology will have a small negative effect on quality but apple capitalizes on this and makes the strain on older models far more noticable than necessary.

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Yep we should start a new marketing campaign. Apple products, poor quality, low life.

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I'm thinking that it's much simpler: memory usage. Memory (RAM, not flash) caches things that take a while to load/calculate/download. Newer phones have more memory, so newer OS versions use more, so they suck on older phones. My phone only has 1GB of RAM (what a fucking travesty that this is too little) and most of the slowness is apps having to reload when I switch. The rest of the phone is plenty fast, just too little RAM. The visual effects are a red-herring.

It sucks because they don't support older versions of apps very long, so you have to upgrade or not be able to even get any more apps. Contrast that with Android where lots of apps still support an OS from fucking years ago (4.4 Kit Kat), and you can easily download older versions/apps from anywhere on the internet. I used to like Apple a decade ago, but I'll never get any of their modern products.

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Found the Apple fag guys. Hes probably a nigger or a kike or a combanition of both, but he's deffinently a fag.

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For anyone that likes to get technical, check out Louis Rossman. He repairs apples for a living. He really starts to dig down on specific technical things Apple does. And he does wonderful rants. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QsYf_7wPNxY

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Planned obsolescence

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Apple's DRM is the real problem of the slowdowns, it is a giant middle finger to an enthusiast consumer. Planned theft of enjoyment. They own your phone and the data it absorbs.

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You posted a livestream submission to v/sports from this domain last week. I hope that was an oversight on your part.

Also @AnonHq take a look at the faq page here https://voat.co/help/faq and you'll see the below:

Can I submit links to sites I operate?

Submitting only links to sites you operate (or are associated with), without submitting other, unrelated links, is considered spamming. If you submit niche content (for example gaming videos from your own YouTube channel), you should create your own subverse and submit the content only to that subverse. If majority of the links you submit are to sites you are associated with, your domains may be globally banned from Voat. To be on the safe side, if you submit 10 links to various subverses on Voat, at most 5 of the 10 submitted links may be to the sites you are associated with.

So basically for every link you post back to your site you have post one other that is not your content from this point forward otherwise it will be treated as spam.

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All 6 of his submissions are to his shitty site. can we just ban him already? It's bad enough he's spamming, but he's spamming for a deceptively named website that site rips content from real news sources.

Edit: Real* meaning the actual content creators.

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Nevermind, I see he's posted more piracy on v/videos so he's gone. As for the last bit about ripping site content I can can't do anything about that under the current rules.

Edit: can changed to can't

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I have to give him a warning as a janitor and to make sure he saw it. I'll be all over him though

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This is a generous policy. Whore yourself out all you want, but make sure you're contributing to the community while you do it.

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I think it's a concession that you cant stop all the spam but you can try to get some to be reasonable. Enough of them have replied an started submitting other stuff that I think it works. Most do ignore it though but they might be bots.

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Its part and practice for small communities, when/if growth and content is less of a concern for VOAT such generous policies will go away. Leveraging what you need against what you're willing to deal with is the essence to almost everything.

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While I wouldn't put it beyond them, doesn't a new iPhone release usually coincide with a new iOS version? In that sense, they're not intentionally slowing down older devices, they just don't give a fuck about them.

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They force users onto the new os by sunsetting support and ignoring reverse compatibility. So you kind of have it flipped, they're shutting down old devices by strong arming you into the new os that they know isn't supported.

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They force users onto the new os by sunsetting support and ignoring reverse compatibility.

This seems like the crucial point. I've never had an iPhone, so could you explain a bit more what you mean by this? What happens if you have a non-supported OS? What does the lack of reverse compatibility mean? That you can't run newer apps?

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The end result is the same. It makes no difference if the old devices slow down due to a lack of individualized tuning or due to intentional sabotage.

Regardless of that, Apple would have a significant incentive to not build features which can extend the viability of legacy devices-- for example, configurations that enable a reduction in animation quality, or reduce certain memory overheads. Tweaks that would enable an underpowered device to have a reasonable experience with the new software would not only cost money in development time and testing but also cut into the sales of their new devices.

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There is no reason for new OS upgrades to cripple old devices. Ie windows 7 was lighter a less resource intensive OS than Windows Vista.

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Illuminati in Deus Ex: "hehe download our latest update for your augs, goy! It totally won't make them malfunction!"

Apple IRL: "hehe download our latest update for your phone, goy! It totally won't make it malfunction!"

Jews. You can always predict their bullshit.

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best part of that article was this

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iPhone vs Android phone

I hate both but I feel like Apple cares more about privacy. We need a basic Linux phone that can make calls and has a decent web browser. I don't even care about apps.

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It looks promising, but I've been let down before

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