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Leaked document: EU Presidency calls for massive internet filtering

Standing firmly behind its belief that filtering the uploads is the way to go, the Presidency has worked hard in order to make the proposal for the new copyright Directive even more harmful than the Commission's original proposal, and pushing it further into the realms of illegality.

According to the leaked document, the text suggests two options for each of the two most controversial proposals: the so-called "Link tax" or ancillary copyright and the upload filter.

Option A

maintains the Commission's original proposal of having in place an upload filter which will be under the control of platforms and other companies that are hosting online content.

Option B

is, at best, a more extreme version of Option A. In fact, it seems so extreme that it almost makes the first option look like a reasonable compromise.

This clarification establishes that platforms would be liable for the copyright infringing content uploaded by its users.

In this extreme option, the text attacks again the liability regime of the e-commerce Directive - which, bizarrely, would not be repealed, leaving us with two contradictory pieces of EU law but adds a "Clarification" of what constitutes a "Communication to the public".

The proposals in this leak highlight a very dangerous roadmap for the EU Member States, if they were to follow the Presidency's lead. The consequences of these flawed proposals can only be prevented if civil society and EU citizens firmly raise their voices against having a censorship machine in the EU. We will be turning on our call tool at savethememe.net before each of the key votes in the European Parliament.

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