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I down voted your comment because your first paragraph is completely wrong and in no way applies to my comment and is a stretch to even apply to the actual topic. I literally explained why. You then go on to mention an issue which I too brought up. As such, you comment doesn't really contribute to discussion, it simply distracts and then attempts to rephrase my comment while attempting to make it sound like you brought it up. Again, not really contributing.

Plus, you completely ignore the more significant question I bring up, what is the implications for other "verboten" software which apparently the developer already curtails? Thus far, no one has actually attempted to answer.


[–] uniques 0 points 0 points (+0|-0) ago 

Wow, it is getting nearly impossible to comment online with out being shouted / voted down. Mostly I would challenge your assertion that "AdNauseam is a form of malware" and that an extra step are not prohibition, but ... why bother. The subject is clearly toxic beyond rational. For my part I up voted your posts, I like to see all view points, the good the bad and the ugly. Happy goating.