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This is the stupid shit you see just before a bubble bursts. The investors who aren't bright enough to pick the trends but also aren't bright enough to know when it's too late have finally realised that 'this tech thing' is profitable, and so they're throwing stupid amounts of money at anyone with a smooth PowerPoint presentation.

Give it a couple of years and Silicon Valley's going to look a lot different.

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Silicon Valley has been receiving ridiculous levels of financial backing for a decade. Cost of living in San Francisco has as a result boomed to completely unsustainable levels. Any smart investor is elsewhere, funding startups based anywhere else, preferably out of their garages. This downward trend has already started.

Sudden Valley will look like any other city run by liberals, while so far it has been the holdout.

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It's easy to push liberal policies when your city is propped up by tech money. As soon as it dries up, the city will plummet into chaos. They've already removed penalties for misdemeanors. If you bust a car window and are caught, you're out the next day. If you're an illegal, they don't even process you. They've literally opened the season on white people and there's been zero backlash.

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I honestly cannot wait for all those fucking tech-drunk futurists to remember that at the end of the day, somebody still has to grow food and clean toilets. There's only so long you can live in an imaginary cyber utopia before meatspace reality crashes the party.

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You mean immigrants?

That's what these people believe anyway.

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A few years ago I would have looked at something like this and thought it was some prank/joke website. Now, I can no longer tell. Poe's law is expanding.

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Can't wait to see it fail. Some idiot thinks people will buy a bluetooth speaker + salt dispenser + table lamp + salt monitor for some insane amount of money.

The real funny part will be when some Chinese company looks at this stupid device on Kickstarter and dumps them in the US for 1/3 the price this idiot startup can muster before the first one gets off the assembly line. Lol.

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1/3? I expect to see them near the checkout of the convenience store for 2.99

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"Alexa dispense a pinch of salt directly into my asshole."

[–] Bobsentme 0 points 8 points (+8|-0) ago 

Then sit back and watch as Alexa sprays salt at the neighbor who never returned your power tool.

That's right, Rod. I WANT MY FUCKING SAW BACK!

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SMALT is not just an amazing addition to your smart home, it's also a fun way to shake up the night!

This is why we need gas chambers.

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Double the dead Jews at half the holo-cost!

[–] Dismal_Swamp 0 points 7 points (+7|-0) ago 

Bluetooth gas chambers that play mood music while you burn to death

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Can you link your kickstarter for this one?

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I thought you made this up....this frikken thing is real, LOOOOL!!!!! I thought all of yall were just making it as you go xD its an indiegogo thing

Edit: for clarification, I clicked on the comment link first with my other tabs open

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After binge watching Silicon Valley, I have a new understanding of how retarded bullshit like this gets funded.

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"a perfect conversation starter" lol

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"A perfect conversation recorder." FTFY

[–] Bobsentme 0 points 8 points (+8|-0) ago 

No no no...it's going to have a built in, hard wired mute button, JUST LIKE ALEXA! No, you aren't allowed to see the software, it's proprietary. No, you aren't allowed to look inside, either, as that will void your warrenty. In fact, just leave it on the fucking table and never touch it, or we'll sue your ass into oblivion (per the EULA).

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So I feel like we should address the salt shaker...were you possibly influenced by outside acting forces when you bought the salt shaker?

For the twelfth time, I was drunk ok. Don't act like you don't do stupid shit sometimes, remember that month you had a man-bun? A fucking man-bun lol.


So are you gonna buy the smart pepper shaker or...

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"... and here is something Renee bought when she was really drunk - HEY RENEE! REMEMBER THE SALT SHAKER? I'M SHOWING IT TO BOB! AHAHAHAHAhaha.... yeah Honey, I'll throw it out tomorrow"

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"What the fuck is wrong with you?"

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So the Govt. can listen to you at the dinner table, that's just fucking great. I bet this thing brainwashes people into having gay sex and shoots you with lasers if you speak proper English. Not my Blood! motherfuckers Not my Blood!!!!!

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Someone somewhere thought this was an excellent idea. Somebody else believed that people were stupid enough to buy something so frivolous so they manufactured it.

We're fucked.

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Somebody else believed knew that people were stupid enough to buy

Remember the “smart” juicer? Same market. Retards with too much money.

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Do you mean the one you just load with bags of juice and then get dispensed into a glass?

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