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Skype calls in the past have been recorded and made text-searchable by request of NSA for communication. Just a couple months ago, Nextcloud scanned people's owncloud and nextcloud instances for security vulnerabilites and alerted "security organizations" of any they could find. While seemingly harmless, users were NOT notified of this until after the fact. In 2011 there was an FTC complaint that Dropbox's privacy policy misled customers because their practices allowed successful intruders to view others' files. In 2011 there was a bug so serious that customers' data became accessible without even requiring a password. In 2013 Dropbox was hacked, compromising an employee account, and from there users' data. In 2013 it was revealed that the NSA planned to add Dropbox to its PRISM surveillance program, which forces companies to give up data on their users. In 2016 it was shown that in 2012, 68.7 million user accounts were hacked. I also don't recommend using Discord, since it, like Skype, is proprietary software and you don't know what's going on behind the scenes. I recommend Riot, which is built on Matrix. Mind you I'm kind of forced to use Discord on occasion due to its growing popularity and people's unwillingness to use something different. Convincing people to use Riot is on you. If you insist on using a service not hosted by you for backups, I recommend first client-side encrypting your data with software such as Cryptomator.

EDIT: I commend you for jumping off the Goolag. I've been in the process of jumping for a while now. I use ProtonMail, which is what I assume you use for email now too. For backups, I use MEGA since they provide 50GB free. They say they offer encryption, but I still make sure to client-side encrypt my files. MEGA could be considered just as fishy as Dropbox though, since the creator of MEGA was outted from his own company and then made allegations against the service. There are also other issues with the service, from fundamental security flaws, to MEGA's servers getting hacked in November 2016.

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Thank you for this infomation.

Also, as I understand OP, he just wants to do his part to hurt Google by not using their service. He didn't say he wants to increase his privacy (which as you say he probably didn't, or not much).

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Hmmmmm thank you for this, comrade, I will hold onto this.

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I have Google email @mybusiness, it's the only money they make off me directly ($5/month). I've been looking for a few days now at replacing it, and finally landed on ProtonMail too.

How easy was that migration? Did you get to move your entire mailbox from Google's server to ProtonMail's?

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The nextcloud thing says they scanned forwarded ports. Not the same as scanning a local only not open to the net, instance.

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I would recommend Syncthing to replace Dropbox. BackupPC is known to have very efficient storage capacity for local and remote backups through ssh + rsync.

Edit: you can also use ionice to prioritize disk access.

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The thing is I don't trust my personal computers enough to store backups on them. In the case of hard-drive failure those backups suddenly become useless. Storing my backups offsite is the only solution I can settle on.

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You replaced Google.. With Microsoft... Are you retarded or what

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I spent most of my life hating Microsoft, and still do. Like I mentioned in my post, I rarely use chat. However, sometimes I need to talk to Aunt Fran about lasagna recipes. I don't think I can get her on board with using 2048 bit encrypted chat over carrier pigeon, so I installed Skype for shit like that. I needed something that had a linux client and phone clients.

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to be fair, when you're comparing openly jewish practices vs not-so-openly jewish practices, and budget is on the line, what would you pick?

personally i'm on neither as i did away with all that shit and run straight *nix (even though that isn't even 'safe' these days...) but you've got to start somewhere, amirite

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Also, if you're made the migration from one service to another in the past, then you'll be well experienced in the process for the next time(s).

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I was about to say skype is microsoft, not any better

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Microsoft is better than google both politically and technically.

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No they aren't. They have monopolized the OS market and with every new release sell more of your data

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I thought Snowden taught us not to use Dropbox?

If you have your own server set up, you could always host your own open source cloud. ownCloud is one option.

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Correct, dropbox is a spy site.

Fedora has contracts with the CIA.

I think the OP needs to ask themselves why they feel compelled to put information about their life and their social circle online in the first place.


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Fedora user here. Do you have any source on that?

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I think the OP needs to ask themselves why they feel compelled to put information about their life and their social circle online in the first place.

This is the best answer anyone can give. Fuck facebook, twitter, gab, whatever the fuck it is it's retarded. People need to stop it.

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I think he's just a faggot who wants people to say "good job champ" to validate this pathetic submission.

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You need to remember that this latest wave of Google ditchers is motivated by social justice and not privacy.

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Yep! When social justice warriors are now indirectly driving the direction of Google, that's the motivation around ditching google. Eventually Google is going to become the Bob Ross of searching: "happy little results". (Nothing against Bob Ross (the painter).. dude was amazing at art)

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Create a Veracrypt container, long password, 30,000 for PIN, and Serpent Encryption. Problem solved :)

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Using Dropbox is way less expensive

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Using Dropbox makes you a complete and utter fool.

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Fuck, you goddamn faggots could replace all this shit with Linux and do it on your goddamn computer, completely securing all of this shit, but instead you hand it the fuck off to Microsoft... are you assholes retarded, or what?

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To be fair, *nix systems aren't entirely safe these days.

They're like the modern day versions of, "i can't get viruses because i use a mac"

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Nearly everyone is proposing using hosted cloud solutions. This is wrong. You are relying on a third party. You can not trust any third party. Period. I lump Microsoft, Google, FakeBook as exactly the same. No different.

Non hosted Linux is the answer. Buy a NAS like a Synology. Slap 2 very large hard drives on it. Mirror them. You are done!

One time cost about $600. Cheap! This will be very reliable and you control it. It isn't 100% immune to attacks but your data is isolated and any attacks would have to targeted to you specifically rather than a crowd on a big cloud host.

Good luck!

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Wait, so Fedora isn't linux? Oh shit, what was I thinking?

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I agree in all but one: email.

Yes, it's easy to set up email server software on any machine for use in your own home. Easy to make your own address "asdf@" for example where that IP address points to your own home address external IP. And, yes, you can buy a domain name and point it to your home external IP address to make sharing your address with others easier and whatnot. "asdf@gofuckyourself.net" instead of "asdf@" if you buy "gofuckyourself.net" for example. If you don't have a static IP, then you just need to keep up on updating your name registration. Inconvenience, but not a show stopper.

But the single problem I think is the fact that most major 3rd party email service providers (google, yahoo, ect) blacklist what they might consider "fly by night" domain names or addresses by default. Spam (and I'd argue also competition) reasons. Yes you can easily set up a home email server, but your address with be default blacklisted by most major email service providers your friends and family might use.

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Good for you. Just keep wary about and Dropbox. Condoleezza Rice is on the board of directors for Dropbox, that alone makes them deepstate fuck jobs. Skype of course is owned by the Spyware mega giant Micro$haft. They'll suck you off for one hour of browsing history.

What are the alternatives you may ask? Well for DropBox I recommend Spideroak One. This cloud based backup service encrypts your data client side before putting it on their servers, meaning your data in encrypted on YOUR PC before it's uploaded. Unlike Dropbox which has access to EVERYTHING you upload. It can and will jerk off on every byte of info you give it. Dropbox is the devil and has been since about 2011.

Now, an alternative to Skype? There are a few.

Tox is pretty swell.

Jitsi is getting better.

ring is pretty freakin' sweet too.

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Thanks for the suggestions. Requirements for my limited usage are they need to have a linux client, and clients on both smartphone platforms. They also need to be something my very non-tech family would already have installed or could install without my help in any way shape or form.

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A NAS fits your requirement. I use a Synology. I had it over 5 years and it just works.

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Ring looks interesting. Just installed, so going to play with it a bit this morning. If I could get just a few folks on board, I'll gladly replace Skype and delete the account I just created.

Edit: No iphone client (stuck on that platform for now). So this is out.

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Whoa. iPhone is the worst of all. Gotta get off there. You seen lineageOS?

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tox is great and have iphone client (called antidote)

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Could you post a YouTube video showing your experience?

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I see what you did there. Lol

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You jest, however ... I haven't found a good replacement for youtube. So I just stopped watching videos online.

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u lost me at skype

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to be fair, skype USED to be good ... waaay back when. granted it was still spaghetti code but still.

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I miss the real skype. stopped using it as soon as MS bought it.

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I thought I was losing my mind when I settled on skype, Hard compromise.

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here....one of many


all ya gotta do is search up similar ones

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Congrats. You did an amazing job at quitting cold turkey. There should be an AA type program for doing this.

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Thanks, hoping other folks who might want to take the plunge might possibly find something I did useful/informative.

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