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makes me wonder if the dark state had something to do with wannacry.

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As an side to this thought. Most people are not aware that originally paying taxes was the only vote that mattered. Just look at today, politicians decide where your tax dollars go and what the government does to you. We have a runaway federal government and as long as it has the $$ it will keep spinning its wheels. This is why the founding fathers understood the ultimate vote that counts is whether you pay your taxes. If the government turns against the majority of its people who then in turn stop funding it the government dies out. But they made it illegal to not pay taxes and gave us the right to vote on a lizard for office....

The person or group who can find a way to use blockchain technology to move as much commerce as possible into the digital sphere will simultaneously overthrow every corrupt regime which the people do not like AND will become the enemy of every despotic regime around the globe overnight... The caliber of leverage which this kind of revolution would neutralize for governments is so much more powerful than a nuclear bomb. They would scorch every corner of the planet to hunt those people down and try to stop them.

As long as the Matrix exists, mankind will never be free.


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Bitcoin started as a non-legit currency... they can try all they want, crypto currency won't disappear that easily..


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Why would they get rid of f an easily traceable currency? Countries APPEAR to be against it so counter culture will buy in. Then with a few changes and well controlled company they can trace your crypro currency with ease. Governments have been buying into it for a couple years now.