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I think Musk is trying to get the government to regulate AI so he can get a cap on the market. Would certainly protect Tesla from the competition of self driving cars. Even an open source competitor is doing pretty well.

Just trying to build and protect a monopoly through fear mongering.


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there mighgt be some truth to it but on the other hand he is just speaking out what should be said. AI is the single bigest threat to humanity. this was my first thought when i learned about AI about 15 years ago and i didnt have to read any science fiction or peoples advices for this. AIs are algorithms and agorithms do not know when to stop exceüt they are told explicitly. there is no "enough", even hitler would look humble and an AI doesnt even need a twisted ideology or crazyness to wipe out humanity. All it needs is someone telling it to maximize his gold on a WOW account and the AI will end up trying to convert all the planets observable universes mass into WOW server memory


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He's a co-founder of OpenAI. That link describes them in more detail, but essentially OpenAI is a completely not for profit company dedicated specifically to ensuring that AI isn't something that remains under control just by the wealthiest corporations and governments. And they're delivering with cutting edge research being regularly published and made completely freely available.

If you have a bit of a math background, an excellent book (a recommendation from Musk no less) is Superintelligence: Paths, Dangers, Strategies by Nick Bostrom. It lays out the main issues and conundrums we're dealing with, with AI, in a mostly mathematical fashion - and does so in an incredibly compelling fashion. That book also had a large influence on, for instance, Bill Gates as well.

I think a major problem is that most people are relatively incapable of forward thinking. The world ten years from now will likely scarcely resemble the one we have today. People don't really have an intuitive grasp for how fast technology and AI are evolving. In 2010 there were no [publicly known] self driving cars at all. In 2012 Google developing an AI that could detect cats in YouTube videos was literally headline news in AI. Now we have self driving cars on the roads trained using deep learning that have driven millions of miles and are already (in a very premature state) showing crash rates lower than humans. Can you believe all of this has happened in just 7 years? And AI progress is accelerating exponentially. What we will see in the next 7 years will likely dwarf what we have seen in the past 7 years.

What does that mean? I think the honest (and only) answer is that nobody really knows. And now we are already doing things like racing to arm 'killer robots' with AI systems. What could go wrong?

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Would certainly protect Tesla from the competition of self driving cars.

Elon made all of Tesla's patents public domain for the sole purpose of encouraging competition, since that's how you foster innovation and interest in the industry.


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Right? Elon taught himself rocket science. Zuckerdouche stole a website idea from friends, and then bragged about how stupid people are for using it.


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Elon Musk studied physics, helped pioneered the internet (businesses), and owns several major tech companies.

The other guy is a person who barely coded a web page, has a questionable origin with that webpage, and got really lucky to dominate social media.

Yeah, I'll trust Elon Musk more than the fake coder. Although Musk does exaggerate the issues of AI, much like climate people exaggerate climate change.


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Zukerberg didn't get rich because he's a genius. He got rich because he made a website that went viral and it wasn't even the first of it's kind. He just got lucky and he's not a genius.

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