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Amzone is becoming more and more a lying bitch when you go on their web site and search for a product. It is harder and harder to get the real product you always get redirected to some clone you are trying to avoid.

So I ordered the product at the real company directly instead. Bypassing Amazon more and more.

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I use Amazon to connect with small businesses selling obscure products and then I buy directly from the small business. Good times.

[–] RedditSuxBalls 2 points -2 points (+0|-2) ago 

Since the Amazon market place works just like Ebay. I think that the issue I you're having is not due to Amazon themselves but rather due to people having figured ways to game the system. How would it serve their interest to sell you the cheaper version of a product when there is a more expensive version and thus a greater percentage for them?

Your complaint is basically that they keep directing you to whoever sells some widget the cheapest. Which doesn't really sound like a problem and is probally more down to the fact that if people are going to buy something they're naturally going to get it at the cheapest possible price.

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I can only speculate but off the top of my head I could imagine there being a pay to play scheme going on here. Company comes up with knockoffs, wants to be first in search results, pays Amazon for the "platinum" membership.

I could imagine there being quite a few ways this would equal profit for Amazon, up to these knock offs actually being created by companies that have direct business ties with Amazon, or even through various business deals they could actually be producing the knockoffs for Amazon under the guise of whatever company name comes up when you buy it. Wouldn't surprise me for a second.

Anyways those are two or three ways that they could profit off from it and I didn't even really need to think about it. I'm sure these fucking guys who stand to profit millions would come up with all sorts of heinous shit.

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But it makes Amazon, suck and me more and more avoiding it.

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This is no surprise, Whole Food employees are going to get the ax hardcore. Remember that concept Amazon showed off that had a grocery store with hardly any staff and everything was automated? That's coming, it's going to be end of a lot of jobs

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This is a great thing though. Other groceries have had automated self checkout for a decade, Whole Foods has been slow to institute this. Any automation should slowly lower the cost of goods in the store.

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You think the prices will be lowered? That's naive.

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Which is fine. They're efforts are better allocated elsewhere. That's why they as employees cost money and why automation pays. No prospect at a second job equals no automation. They will be fine (if they choose to be).

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But automation doesn't shift new jobs somewhere else.

[–] Its_Just_A_Ride 1 points 4 points (+5|-1) ago 

Considering how much business I expect them to lose, the job cuts are hardly unexpected...

Amazon is rapidly approaching monopoly status. I hope those old anti-trust laws get put to good use again soon.

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should've been put to use on the cable companies.

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I started to scale back when Amazon added "Diversity Credentials" to its categories.

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Geez, I suppose they expect to turn a profit or something. What an evil corporation!

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Good, who the hell even wants to work a job like that? We need to get past the idea of work anyway. It's becoming increasingly unnecessary. Just let robots serve humanity. We do need eugenics though because we don't want a world full of r-selected niggers (a.k.a idiocracy).

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The grocery business is going through price wars right now. Gallons of milk are .81 cents, and cartons of 18 eggs are .78cents at walmart right now where I live. Whole Foods is feeling the pressure from Walmart and Kroger

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Evidently businessinsider.com doesn’t like my ad blocker, because that site won’t allow me to view their content. Fine by me.


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