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How bout you focus on the real issue here, the muslim immigration, bitch?

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Brexit is the first step. Just get that done. Deal with this shit later. Don't get distracted.

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Recently the EU has been talking about enacting pro-encryption legislation. Maybe the ironic end result of the Brexit is that Britain will have a far more restricted Internet than mainland Europe.

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But Muslims are peaceful, right?

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They do seem to be fond of bits of things, or reducing things to bits. Are those the pieces you are referring to?

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Rhetorical Question Of The Day: WTF is that cunt -- the Brit version of Killary or Obongo?

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Yes, a freemason tranny married to a banker.

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I thought the muslims were the attackees and not the attackers in this one

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Of course, but why do you think the attacker was so angry? Not saying it was justified of course, but violence on both sides will likely escalate if things stay as they are.

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If there's an attack - we need more control!

If there's no attack - controls are working, let's do more!

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"If it's broke, fix it. If it's not broke, fix it until it is broke, then fix it more." - Government

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Yeah, because the attack took place on the fucking internet and all..........fucking cunt.

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No no no, the internet was driving the truck.

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"I have a terrible cold, I'll fix it by cutting my hair"

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From Red vs. Blue

Sarge: What... what happened here?

Simmons: Sir, you got shot in the head, so we gave you CPR and saved you, sir.

Sarge: I always believed in you, Simmons.

Simmons: Uh, actually, it's Grif you should thank, sir. He did all the work.

Sarge: Grif?

Simmons: Yes, sir.

Sarge: Grif, why in hell would you give somebody CPR for a bullet wound in the head? That doesn't make a lick of sense.

Grif: [sighs] You're welcome, sir.

Sarge: I mean it's all so damn inconsistent. What would you do if they stabbed me in the toe, rub my neck with aloe vera? Hey there Grif! I think I feel an aneurism comin' on. Could you help me out with one of them therapeutic massages? Use your fingers, not your knuckles. That there, that's good. Lower back. Yeah, I can feel that working already. Don't be afraid to go too low. Oh, yeah, shee-atsu.

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Wow I remember that episode, was so long ago.

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"I have cancer, I'll fix it by putting in earplugs"

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Actually its more like, "I invited ten Muslims into your house and after they stole your money, raped your daughter and beheaded your father-in law, you decided to knock one out... Well that means I can check your internet search history."

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They learned that ditty online, so it's clearly the internet's fault.

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Theresa May has had a hate on for the internet for ages, a day ending in a Y is all she needs to claim justification for locking shit down.

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Farage for PM

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We didn't elect her, she just kind of appeared after Cameron fucked off. In the snap election we did our best to un-elect her. Sadly we're still saddled with this wheat gobbling funt-cased hitler clone, so... yay... and stuff...

edit: now I'm just going to sit here and wait for the police van to arrest me for saying nasty words about a nasty person. We never had free speech here.

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Don't worry by next episode Kenny will get better, well unless Cartman drinks him.

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