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Fuck Bezos.

Alos, looks like they can only control the flow of traffic via their wi-fi. If you're using your cellular network, you should still be fine. Unless you're enough of an idiot to load the app; never put apps from these companies on your phone.

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This! their internet they pay the bill they can filter/snoop/limit the traffic any way they want to.

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Just install a Faraday cage and boom - you win

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It is over WiFi only, and they don't need any app to block you, they can do it at the router.

Which is what parent said:

If you're using your cellular network, you should still be fine. Unless you're enough of an idiot to load the app

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there is a way to have fun with this........ :]

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most store specific apps are kind of useless in my experience if I want to deal with them I will go to their webpage if they don't support it there I don't really need it, I'm not installing something that is only useful at one place that I go occasionally with a short list of what I'm already planning to buy, no I don't need an app for the list I have a fucking brain if I want a list app I'll get one not tied to the store but just generic (no ads and probably free) so I can use it for anything or maybe just a text editor.

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I had a bunch of co-workers the other week cooing over the Starbucks app, there is one near our Hospital. I thought about saying something but it wasn't worth it.

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Counterpoint: Bezos has a lot of money

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It can only be on their wifi. Cell phone jamming is illegal and they don't control the LTE network. With the death af net neutrality, the only way it would work is if they paid the cell carriers to block users from accessing specific product searches or a list of websites when their geolocation places them inside a WholeFoods. That is alot of processing required for this dynamic filtering with little or no financial gain.

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Sure it is illegal to use a cell phone jammer but it is not at all illegal to design the physical space to impede radio waves. The lecture Center areas of my University were specifically designed so that cell signals did not penetrate walls. During testing they would shut off access to the local University Network....

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Fun side effect doctors and some other professions as well will be contractually obligated by their employers to avoid your stores as they are required by their jobs to be available via cell/pager when on call so they have to stay where they have service. They could shop there when not on call but most people develop habits about where they shop, plus shopping while on call for some means they are getting paid while doing other things (not a lot but hell would you take $3 an hour to do your own grocery shopping?).

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damn i'm late lol

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But they can't patent this.

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signal jamming via broadcast is illegal. Building every big box store and retail outlet so that it acts as a signal blocking Faraday cage to everyone inside is standard practice. All that means is the building has a well grounded conducting layer in the construction. tinted windows work almost as well as foil backed insulation in steel framing.

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Building a faraday cage is illegal?

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If you use it to block peoples access to their cell signal, then yes it is.

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Only if you use their Wi-Fi, wow. This is very much not news.

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Have you guys ever been to whole foods and saw the prices they sell stuff at? It's not a grocery store it's a scam for hipsters

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Rule #1 -- Any time someone gives you something for free (in this case WiFi) you have no grounds to complain about anything if you accept and use it. Don't like what the free store WiFi is doing to you? Don't use it. Is it shady/shifty/unethical/whatever? It's their WiFi and they can do as they please with it. Is it patent-worthy? That's another discussion. IMO hell no, it's just using a router/firewall in a creative way to do what router/firewalls were designed to do in the first place.

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Just because someone is within their rights doesn't make what they're doing right. Something can both be free, AND have flaws that deserve to be criticized. You can get people to "agree" to you doing something that is shitty, and guess what, doing it still reflects badly on you as a person. Your argument is just fancy ribbons on "nuh uh, shut up!"

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"Just because someone is within their rights doesn't make what they're doing right."

You are absolutely correct. But A) it's still within their rights, B) it's their rights, C) If you don't like it don't use it -- that's really all you can do.

Personally I see most of our modern problems related to the Internet, privacy loss, and consumer rights as being the direct cause of consumer stupidity. If fewer people tolerated such abuses there would be fewer abuses. Personally I'm glad to see abuses like this because they get people's attention and maybe, just maybe are starting to wake people up. Like the Right To Repair pushback against Apple (and hopefully John Deere to follow).

But in the end trust nothing you do not control yourself and beware of anything "free" or you get what you deserve. If it's free you are not the consumer, you are the product.

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Regardless of whether or not this is illegal yet, it is unethical

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Why? If you are using their wifi while shopping in their store, why would it be unethical for them to block access to their competitors? They are under no obligation to help their competitors. They are also not in the business of providing you with free, open internet access. So it is really just a matter of whether they ruin their relationship with customers by pissing them off. That might be stupid, but it's not unethical..

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If your on private property the owner has that right, Don't like it then leave.

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