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the mass youtube demonetization and account take down purge with no explanation is classic feminism


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"We're losing ad revenue, how do we fix this problem?"

"I know! We'll alienate half of the user base, make the platform less user-friendly unless you pay a subscription fee, and deliberately remove ad revenue opportunities from popular people we disagree with!"

"How does that increase revenue?"

"It doesn't. But gosh, I sure do feel better about myself!"


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I feel like this was exactly the thought process.


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My favorite channels are already talking about quitting. StreetSpeed717 mentioned his $20k a month checks are disappearing because his car videos are being taken away from advertisers. He's a smart ass kid with a kind demeanor, with a huge following of 15-30 year old car enthusiast MALES. Same with my other DIY luxury car mechanics that are losing money because the brands now can get him off the approved list for advertisers because he costs them dealership repair rape victims.

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