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NASA inspector says agency wasted $80 million on an inferior spacesuit | Ars Technica

'In fact, the report found that NASA essentially squandered $80.6 million on the Oceaneering contract before it was finally ended last year. '

'After this consideration, NASA awarded a $148 million contract to Oceaneering International, Inc. in 2009 to develop and produce such a spacesuit. '

'"The continuation of this contract did not serve the best interests of the agency’s spacesuit technology development efforts," the report states. ', "Moreover, the report found that many of NASA's in-house concepts and designs were ahead of those under the Oceaneering contract."

'Later that year, senior officials at the Johnson Space Center recommended canceling the Constellation spacesuit contract because the agency had its own engineers working on a new spacesuit and, well, NASA no longer had a clear need for deep-space spacesuits. '

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