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how great would it be if someone got the source to windows 7 like they did with 2000, it will happen!

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If they leaked the win 7 source code it would fuck up microsoft almost overnight.

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If they leaked the Win 7 source code, people would realize that Windows 7 was a good OS despite shitty code, not because of the lack of it.

Coders would be collectively tut tutting and what the fucking everywhere.

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yeah you are right, win8 and 10 are nothing more than a bunch of shit bolted on to win7 as far as i can see

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That would be a great wiki-leak

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So what's to stop someone from writing and releasing their own updates for win7?

We have Linux or windows 10 in the future. Be spied on and have a chance of all your home movies, pictures, and created content get erased or go without most software. What is happening is much like the power company changing from single phase 240ac to 48vDC. We wouldn't stand for infrastructure being made obsolete just because they want change.

Like it or not Microsoft made an infrastructure that the world relies on. They should not have totalitarian control over it. We wouldn't accept it from a power company so why do we roll over and submit when it is something else.

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Lmao. They didn't make an infrastructure the world relies on. Most of the world is linux based. Only on the desktop segment, a declining segment, do they have any weight.

So yes, roll over. Dont like it? make your own windows. Or better yet, go help out on linux you cuck. Its cucks like you that are the reason microsoft can keep dicking people. You want change, but don't want to bring that change.

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Most of the world is linux based? wat? No accounting office anywhere uses Linux. No job I have ever worked at has ever used Linux. People don't autocad on Linux they don't account on Linux they don't do animation/graphics on Linux hospitals don't use Linux the list goes on. Things are kinda sorta shifting that way but, very slowly. Hell atms still use winxp...

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So what's to stop someone from writing and releasing their own updates for win7?

Practicality. The OS is tens of millions of lines of code in a higher-level language (probably the vast majority is C++ or C). Any external developer would have to reverse engineer the code, write the patches, and then test the patches. This is no small feat by any means, although it is possible. I think someone was actually doing this for Windows Me for a while, even.

We have Linux or windows 10 in the future.

I'm... not quite certain what you're saying here. Windows 10 is terrible, sure, but Linux, although there are very questionable additions being made to it, is still fairly decent in this department. That may change, but I'm more concerned with firmware being made resistant to letting Linux on the machine in the first place (and it seems that this is happening, slowly, but rather readily with low-end computers).

In terms of "stand for it," however, there is a very large problem in that people don't understand what's going on. They are reluctant to say or do anything along these lines because they don't know how the computer actually works (while they may not understand electrical power generation, either, it's much simpler from their perspective), and because people who supposedly know better have endlessly (and mindlessly) chanted that updates are the One True Way. Plus they're in a position wherein few people are able to do without an omni-device (re: computer) these days, and as such, when the pipeline is being flooded and all the companies are in on it, and add in the fact that the politicians have no idea of what they're doing (and are apparently senile regarding anything that has to do with technology in a lot of cases) it's very hard to put up much of a struggle.

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Any external developer would have to reverse engineer the code, write the patches, and then test the patches. This is no small feat by any means, although it is possible.

We have React OS, don't we?

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Oh fuck off with that commie bullshit. MS is a private company, not a government run service. If you don't like what they do and you also don't want to make the effort to learn how to live with Linux then go sit in the corner and pout. You have a choice you just don't want to choose something different.

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Have to agree with this guy. It would be nice if Microsoft weren't assholes, but there you have it. It is their product and they have a right to make it as shit as they want.

If the consumer is not smart enough to realize they are being fucked and they have a choice to not be fucked, then that is their own problem.

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This is a pretty false statement. Yeah, I can install linux on my machine, but no, I cannot DO everything that I could with Windows under linux. I wish that I could, because I would switch in a heartbeat.

Sadly, we allowed Microsoft to build the vast majority of the home computing infrastructure in this company. (Note the word HOME, I know the internet runs on Linux at its core.) For many tasks, it's simply impossible to just up and replace windows at the moment. The best option is to run Linux with dual boot to windows, or a virtual windows machine. This is hardly escaping the monopoly that windows largely has on the desktop market.

OS development takes so much time and resources that when the windows 10 push came and it was clear that Windows 10 was stuffed with spyware, forced updates, and many other flaws that people hate, most people discovered there was no true, fully viable alternative to windows that let them switch over and still accomplish the full range of activities that they used to.

Microsoft has a lot of people over a barrel and it's taking full advantage for the moment. Time will tell whether people are pissed enough to support the creation of a competing OS, or whether they roll over and accept this kind of abusive practice as the new normal. If it's the latter, I fully expect things to continue to get worse, but I'm holding out hope that someone will realize there's a HUGE market of pissed off MS customers who would flock to a new OS if it supported what they wanted to do.

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Well I'd agree with you on the commie shit in most cases. Do you think the government makes the electricity? It started out as a private company too(still is). It was found to be critical to life in this country just like phone and water and labeled as utilities that have special rules.

Are you old enough to remember when you could only buy one type of phone and only from the phone company? Times change, I'm just suggesting that maybe the windows operating system has progressed to a point where it is no longer a luxury but that is a necessity.

What's to stop win10 from being automatically changed to win11 that is even more consumer hostile. You wont even have the option to stay will win10 you either submit to 11's rules or you switch to Linux if you are so lucky to even be able to do that. And if you can't switch and you can't stay with 10, what happens then. what happens when 1000's or millions of peoples livelihoods depend on a thing that they have zero control over.

Automakers can't just say hey government you need to redo all the roads because we are going to phase out left hand drive cars and only offer right hand. The government would never allow that despite automakers being a private company. I argue something similar is happening with windows today. Maybe we need a government mandate to force all programs to work on all operating systems at the time of release but, it seems that would be the hard way of doing things.

The free market will sort out most things but, not when they go against existing infrastructure. Say you want to make a new washing machine. It's better in every way except it uses 3 phase power instead of single phase. Do you think the free market will adapt to the better product despite have to install phase converters and redo household wiring to accommodate the new washing machine? Linux is a better product running on 3phase in a single phase world.. it's great when you can switch but, what if you can't. Is it right for Microsoft to be able to turn you into their slave?

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too bad windows updates are untrustworthy malware at this point.

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Half these vuln fixes aren't issues anyhow unless you run 7 with open firewall and run obscure services you don't need.

Or buggy MS stuff like Office.

If you read almost all update vuln descriptions they're almost always avoidable or irrelevant any way.

Now if a major bug comes out then fine, but most stuff is fringe issues.

Harden 7 then use only software you trust on top, also hardened down (no fecking auto updaters and pointless web connections exposing ports and services and programs willy nilly)

For anyone who can't be arsed get Win10.

If you care about your computer, learn to harden 7 and enjoy alongside Linux and whatever else you enjoy!

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Hack the planet!

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Got my popcorn ready when this burns people, should be fun to watch.

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Microsoft could quite easily demand the deletion of this. I know how the Internet works and I know that if MS gets it pulled from one site, that won't stop the patch from spreading, but...

I find that its just better to migrate away from Microsoft products more and more.

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