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Except any site that has ads reports traffic metrics back to Google, Facebook, and their friends at the CIA whether you block them or not. On top of that, your computer is filled with spyware. You have to go full tinfoil hat to avoid espionage.


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Blocked third party content doesn't load and without a data request towards their adsite they don't get shit from you. So if you use a working blocker facebook,google&co get jackshit from their plugins on other sites unless the website owners provides them with your data himself which is unlikely when they rely on those plugins. Furthermore without JS enabled you can't read out a huge chunk of identifying data. The spyware in your OS is also not public access so who is going to sell that data to companies? Lastly data gathering companies are still far away from sitting in every site so they can't track you everywhere. Your ISP has however full access regardless whether you protect yourself or if the websites you visit is contaminated or not which means between ISP and usual data gathering companies only your ISP can collect a full picture of your behaviour and sell it to other parties.

TLDR: Look at what you can actually buy from data gathering companies and realise how many holes it still has. An ISP could sell complete data sets at lower price since the cost of reliable gathering is nowhere near equal for them.


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I'm really not concerned with the sale of my data to companies, what irritates me is that the government has all the data it wants and more.