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The quotes are not my words, but of others. I agree that ISPs(and all other services on the internet) should not be allowed to sell your data. I spent a few hours going through the document and it was drafted in 2015 and put into place(but not enforced) on the date mentioned.

As for removing it I view it as redundant as ISPs are already required to do so under 47 U.S. Code § 222.


I think the best solution is to do some trust busting. Break up the ISPs to inject competition in the market place. If people had options that would allow market forces to allow people to choose privacy vs price vs bandwidth vs datacaps etc.

This is very much needed it most forms of industry in America.


Edit: Here is a report from the other side of the road, for the Isp's themselves. I browsed through it and both this and the 81 Fed. Reg. 87274 have compelling arguments for and against each other. It seems compromise is something we are lacking least we end up with Europe's nightmarish system.


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The quotes are not my words, but of others

Doesn't matter. You said "It's a scam" thus openly saying you agree with the quotes. Don't spread misinformation and then pull a "it's not my argument" when called out.