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So everyone knows AMD's new Zen processors (and FM2+) have PSP which is pretty much the same thing as ME.

It is impossible to disable ME in intel's "core" series 2008+ hardware.

"but purism!"

Companies like purism that purport to do this are lying - you simply can't. Google has tried to get intel to release the source and a flashing method with no luck, if they can't do it then nobody can. The computers the sell may have "coreboot" but it is simply a wrapper layer, closed source binary blobs (FSP, MRC, etc) do all the hardware initialization. They could have sold quality new AMD FM2 laptops but instead they obsess over intel - why?

The newest x86-64 laptop without a black box supervisor processor that you can buy is the lenovo g505s (2013)

The newest owner controlled x86-64 desktop/workstation/server is the kgpe-d16 and kcma-d8 motherboards which are both blob free coreboot, they use the g34/c32 opterons that don't have PSP - AMD's AM3+ FX-8xxx series also doesn't have PSP and of course you can play games on them.

There is also the novena project, but that isn't part of the cult of x86.

If you have money to spend there is also POWER and (some) ARM computers (there are ATX format ARM computers with pcie slots now like the gigabyte MP30). $5K for a POWER server/workstation is reasonable for the level of computing power you get (it isn't meant to replace grandmas dell.)

If you care - ask AMD to release either source code and a flashing mechanism (remove hardware signing key enforcement) or a real hardware method to disable PSP and remove it entirely from the boot process for their new processors "Zen"


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Purism isn't claiming their laptops have disabled ME's, but they are being misleading by saying that for the ME to work as spyware, it needs an Intel network card (which Purism laptops haven't). This is bullshit, the ME has access to all hardware. Another thing that should raise a red flag on this company is that it's based in the United States. If you're serious about providing uncompromised hardware, you can't do it from a country that by law requires you cooperate with their spying, and shut up about it.

Unfortunately there is no guarantee POWER or ARM computers don't have similar issues. I woudn't be suprised if all major chip vendors are in bed with the intelligence agencies. If I were them, the second company after Intel I'd target is Qualcomm, which provides most of the ARM chips.