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would it be possible to identify the bug and rip it out?


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Not without a microchip factory. You know how they build multiple chips on one processor socket (dual/quad/multicore) ? One i5 or i7 chip has billions of indivdual parts. moding/disabling it would be impossible without the technology used to make them in the first place. The other problem is the plastic "packaging" that surrounds the chip. Suppose you were able to take it apart and locate the "bug" you still have to put it all back together, without damaging it, introducing a couple pieces of dust or cutting the wrong wires. Who knows if there is a trigger so if you did remove it (or a nationstate did) the processor will no longer boot or be unstable.


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Physically, no, but it would be possible to disable it by software if you have the cryptographic signing key. Intel chips could run just fine without the ME, but shut down after a few minutes if they notice it isn't running. It kinda works like the DRM chips in video game consoles, but more advanced. Someone could free the world by leaking the Intel source code and keys.