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Reminds me of something I built. It's not an fs but a plausible deniability. What it was is a system for encrypting something by one of a large number mutations of a key meaning it would take work to open it. The idea is to write the code to encrypt it and delete the code memorizing the principles. Then if you want to decrypt you have to write software you aren't guaranteed to be able to write, memorize a password, and use cloud computing to crack it even if you do have the right password.

You could also use it with a salt file. Loose the salt file you not only have plausible deniability but verified deniability. You could also generage a folder of salts and memorize a mathematical property of the one with the right name (is a palendrom, is a prime, is ascending on the left side, is the first of the nuclear magic numbers concatenated).

Essentially if you want to throw something away but make it selectively recoverable.


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You could do many things. Are you going to do them?