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I think its harmful in the way that an honest guy needs to tell you that he's honest. First of all, most of these technologies are not for us they are for them (meaning the global elites control grid NWO big brother orwellian surveillance state). They have dumped lots of things on us that are totally unsafe like fluoride, glyphosate, nutrasweet, gardasil, corexit, btcorn, SSRIs etc... It's important to realize that they do this to us intentionally. Then they write laws to make themselves unaccountable. So I would assume that they know something about this type of light having an effect on us that works for them somehow. I do know frequencies affect us + I also know they like to experiment on us = it's dangerous by default. Don't look into how the terrahertz scanners can affect your dna - you prolly don't wanna know!