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Time to close up some national offices.


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https://archive.is/Hd6Se | https://vgy.me/s9xoNU.png :

Europe will fine Twitter, Facebook, Google etc unless they rip up T&Cs • The Register

'An official from the EC's consumer protection authorities confirmed it intends to "take action to make sure social media companies comply with EU consumer rules."'

'The European Commission is threatening to fine Facebook, Twitter, Google and other social networks unless they overhaul their terms and conditions to pull out legal escape clauses. '

'And changes have been requested over how the companies determine what is suitable content submitted by users. '

'The decision to push for changes to their terms and conditions appears to be the first stage of that. '

'Germany – which remains the most powerful member of the European Union – promised it would also push its efforts to make Facebook, Twitter and friends more accountable in Europe. '

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