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The whole 5 eyes or whatever number of eyes thing, doesn't make as much sense to me. It comes to whether or not you trust that they're not logging. If they're not, country of origin doesn't matter. Don't EU countries have mandatory data retention laws? A 3 letter agency has the option to legally request the logs of a VPN in a 5 eye, but if there are none, they get nothing. 3 letter would probably compromise the network and install things. That being said, do you think they'd respect country lines when compromising networks? Most of the non eyes countries wouldn't have the resources or clout to call out the country that hacked one of their VPN's. It'd be like candy from a baby.


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Logs are only half the story. The crux of the argument is influence. If a service lies in a country that can be easily influenced by a state actor performing unlawful surveillance, logs or no logs, they can be influenced to secretly start keeping them or even just monitor (real time data collection for immediate or short term use) as opposed to logging (storing of data for long term use and record-keeping).

If you are being targeted specifically by such a country, it likely will not matter where you are located.