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It's not the 64-bit VM that's breaking my machine, it's everything else I do with it.

Let's say I make a program that treads dangerously close to certain system files. I'm going to write it, then compile/run it in a VM, so I don't bork up my main machine. When making small VMs for this purpose, I've found it best to use smaller, 32-bit machines as they require less resources.

A 64-bit machine will require more RAM on both the guest and host, as well as more processing power. I'm not going to sacrifice all of that to dry-run a simple sketch... I'll just keep backups of my main SSD, and run things from there.

It's a shame they took away such a useful tool, especially with a volatile system like Arch. When an update screwed something up, it was nice to test out "fixes" in a virtualized environment.