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I'm not a modern PC gamer anymore. I gave that up years ago. (I used to build my own rigs from scratch.) About 7 years ago, I gave up on desktop computing (fuck sitting down in front of a screen for hours - I do enough of that at work) and switch to a laptop.

These days, my computer use is more of content consumption and a secondary role of writing. Things I could easily accomplish on a tablet or smartphone, but I like having a computer with a filesystem, and the flexibility to directly manage the system on my own.

I also like being able to open my computer and being able to swap out RAM, HDD/SSDs, and such.

For the last 15 years or so, I've been more of an Apple user, with my latest system being a 13" MacBook Pro from 2011. When Apple refreshed the MacBook Pro lineup to systems that can no longer be upgraded, I decided to do a "final" upgrade to my MacBook Pro by replacing the HDD with an SSD and maxing the RAM to 16GB. That will last me for quite a while, but soon there will be a day when I want a new laptop and I'll have to go Windows or Linux, since Apple doesn't want to sell me a computer I can repair or upgrade any more.

I understand that mobile products like smartphones and tablets might be not upgradable or fixable because they are meant to be thrown away in 2-3 years (why?), but don't make your desktop and laptops that way also.