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Mozilla participates in the United Nations Alliance of Civilizations[1] which is run by Islamists.[2][3][4] Mozilla's representative is Sydette Harry of the Coral Project which is an alliance of Mozilla, the Berkman Center, the New York Times, and the Washington Post to "give publishers the ability to better understand their contributors and control the level of discourse on their sites."[5] Harry personally issued a recruitment notice with a preference for hiring "WOC/POC". [6]

Mozilla works with the MacArthur Foundation for the Aspen Institute's Task Force on Learning and the Internet. [7] The MacArthur Foundation is a SJW financier.[8]

Mozilla hosted Cory Doctorow, Jonathan McIntosh, and Anita Sarkeesian in 2012. [9]

A Mozilla employee described former project manager Christie Koehler as "an asshole Social Justice bully", "batshit insane and permanently offended at everything."[10] Koehler was president of the Stumptown Syndicate which blacklisted Michael G. Schwern from "ally" work after his ex-wife Norin Plunkett, Ashe Dryden, Leigh Honeywell, and Tim Chevalier claimed that he had attacked Plunkett. Schwern sued them for defamation.[11]

Mozilla banned Gamergate browser themes [12] and the Men Kampf Word Exchanger extension which replaced feminist slogans with Nazi slogans.[13]

Mozilla changed the Brotli file extension from ".bro" to ".br" because they thought it was misogynistic, and removed comments opposing the change. [14]


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Yes, but this news is recent. Does it indicate a change?