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What's a few lost lives along the way as Tesla users are Beta testers..ya know, driving into white tractor trailers and all...

We, in a rather direct way, are paying for all of that rocketry and electric car stuff through heavy govt subsidies and contracts. Innovation, yes, but achieved via political smoke and mirrors.

But hot damn, I want those solar "shingle" panels on my house. :-)


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Tesla receives $0 in federal subsidies at this point. The one and only federal subsidy is/was a consumer perk in that they get a $7000 tax rebate. But it only applies to first 200k units of an electric model sold. Since Tesla had more than 200k preorders in the first day the Model X was was available for purchase, it's not working as an incentive for them. The cars are selling on their own merit, though I'm sure those 200k people who did get it are happy!

The rocketry is an even better deal. SpaceX receives $0 in federal subsidies and has sent the price of launches plummeting, and they're looking to send them lower in the near future with the first ever truly reused rocket ever. The Space Shuttle was not, in reality, reusable but that's a whole different topic. Anyhow, the point of this is that our government sends up a ton of rockets for science, military, maintenance, etc. Those rockets now are costing the tax payer tens of millions of dollars less per launch each time they go with SpaceX.

Solar is the only area where the consumer (and once again - not even the company) is receiving a non-limited subsidy. Install a solar setup and you get a 30% tax deduction subject to some constraints. By contrast go drill an oil well and you get a 100% tax deduction. And the solar subsidy automatically scales back and down to 0% in 2021. The full cost oil subsidies aren't going anywhere.

Finally the total mileage on auto-pilot has the vehicles with a lower overall fatality rate than average. In other words if the cars were sold without auto-pilot and had driven the same amount of miles you'd expect more fatalities than Tesla has actually had.

There's a huge amount of propaganda being put out against Musk's companies simply because he's taking on some incredibly influential industries. The fossil fuels industry, automotive industry, and old money aerospace. These industries are all deeply interwoven with government and were printing money more or less at their will until Musk. Well except the automotive industry, but when that industry started failing the government gave them $80 billion dollars, because - hey, why not? By contrast federal subsidies for all of Musk's companies combined is less than $2 billion and 100% of that money goes to consumers - not to his companies.


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are you talking about the crash where the driver was playing a fucking video game instead of paying attention to the road? tesla's auto pilot is not self driving, it's cruise control on steroids


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You're being dumb, not like the original car has killed anyone, right? Oh these new fangled 'horses' heard they kicked a man to death the other day, terrible! ... fucks sake people