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Electrical noise from your graphics card leaking to the audio output. Happens to me with many bright webpages with sharp edges, patterned layouts, many lines of small text, etc. For me, the sound has small changes when I scroll the page, perfectly in tandem with the motion. Not sure of your hardware setup, but a TV through HDMI could have a similar problem if its video and audio circuits aren't isolated electrically and electromagnetically. I reckon a cheap brand's engineers would overlook the impulsive EM-noise of bright and sharp video signals.


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Meh, forget it guys.

Playing around seems to be exactly what @psieni said. Just browsing around in Gmail (opening mails, changing carpets, etc.) the sound seems to go.

At first I thought it could be something else since the sound was different from the noise I regular get from bright sites, but welp, if simple navigation removes it; the obvious cause for this should be just that, EM-noise.

Once again, thanks to @RevanProdigalKnight and @psieni


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Firstly: Are you sure it's the Gmail tab? I only ask because I have a Gmail tab pinned in Firefox and I constantly have 5 or more other tabs open, and not only has Firefox never put the audio icon for "this tab is making noise" on to the tab header, but I have never heard a sound from it.

Second: If you are using Firefox, have you enabled tracking protection in non-private windows by opening about:config and setting privacy.trackingprotection.enabled to true?


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Yep, it's the Gmail tab, but it works like this: I can only hear it when I'm on the gmail tab, any other tab is silent, in other words, there is no sound icon.

At first I thought it was some sort of static that was "filtering" at some point, but the sound is indeed different than the regular static sound I get from certain sources.

On the other hand, thank you for the tracking protection, I though I had changed it long ago... it wasn't the case.

I must admit, it could be an issue with the receiver/tv set since both are pretty old... but then the sound is too distinctive. Maybe something with an open audio channel in the gmail tab for the audio notifications for new messages.

Oh well.