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Something similar, webRTC p2p cdn. I want to build my own cdn first (not that hard) and then run the p2p cdn as a layer above that if I do go that route.

I have how I want it to work. There is an api available that does basically everything I need but I suspect one aspect is wrong for my needs. It uses the p2p and if the p2p is unreliable (which who knows precisesly what that means) then it falls back to your own cdn. The problem is I don't want it to wait to find out that the p2p isn't good enough or for it to resolve peers before the video can start playing.

I want to break the video into packets and store it in indexeddb (what I already do for uploads), then any video piece that is loaded within 10 seconds of the current player position always uses the normal cdn, then the peers for extra buffering. That may be a tall order though so I'm not describing the way it will look in the end.

Also I need to look at how the pre-packaged system handles mobile. So in the end I may have to build my own webRTC system.

The problem is though I'm taking a break from major development to do normal work. Taking a break from fake work to do real work (in larger amounts than I was before). I'm looking at taking on some new responsibilities in my life so it may go on for a while during the transition. If I got a big youtuber like prager to upload though I would drop everything and just work on that. I would love to work 16 hours a day trying to take on traffic. I could only dream of that.


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Here are two web p2p projects I've found. Because I've started having this conversation with others about p2p web; especially censorship free video hosting. I need to get off my butt and learn to code.

Your stuff is looking cool. I would suggest going straight to HEVC/h.265 if possible. Some resources:

Edit: just found and subscribed to your sub.


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Awesome, sounds like a really cool system! Is your site up and running? I'd love an alternative to YouTube


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Yeah. It needs uploaders thought and probably better content.

It's It has a 100% content neutral content policy (or I prefer content blind). Nothing will be removed unless it has some sort of legal relevance.

Here is the thread that started it: