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So never once in your entire life have you had to plug your phone into the charger while it was plugged into the aux Jack of your car? I would like to know where you found this mystical phone with a battery that can play music and do navigation on a 6 hour road trip without charging.


[–] youareivan 0 points 0 points (+0|-0) ago 

no, not ever. that being said i don't use nav apps very much, i just use it for music in the car.

not trying to be an jerk- well, not trying that hard to be a jerk, if i'm being honest- do you really use a nav app for the whole six hour road trip? that seems kind of weak to me, but then again i own an apple product so i guess that's not the only thing that seems weak in this thread.

there are so many reasons that getting rid of the mini-jack on a cell phone is stupid, not being able to charge and listen at the same time seems like the goofiest of them.


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I've needed that functionality for flights and for long calls. It's a practical concern for me. Especially since my employer went to all iPhones. Wireless headsets have generally poor call quality and low battery life. Wired headsets just work better. Several calls, some email, etc... means I need to put the phone on the charger.