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I think another reason Reddit will not die overnight is that it still looks and behaves exactly the same for tons of users. Digg totally changed the way every user interacted with the site and how their content was presented. That made it really easy to abandon ship immediately. Even if you wanted to go back to Digg, you really couldn't. And even if you stayed at Digg, you had to move on to something new anyway.

Reddit is just becoming less transparent, while manipulating or controlling presented content in way now that goes against what a lot of users thought was a core value of the site. But if you go to Reddit right now, it still looks the same. There is so much of the site that is still unaffected by the new direction. If you only went to /r/toolband, for example, you would not give a shit about what is going on right now because you wouldn't even notice it. Digg made it impossible to ignore the change. With Reddit, all the change is out of sight for a large majority, making it easy to ignore or forget. So people will still end up going to Reddit, and Reddit will not be Digg 2. But I do think people will leave in small batches, as individual incidents push them over the shit-line. I am phasing it out quickly, but I know will end up checking in on certain subs until the communities migrate somewhere else (Hopefully to Voat). This was like the day Reddit got diagnosed with a terminal illness, not the day it died.