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Censorship just leaves a bad taste in my mouth. I'd be lying if I said I hadn't seen the walls slowly crumbling. There are various moves by the reddit admins in the past which have made me question whether their philosophical allegiances align with mine, and this latest bizarre incident just really struck a chord with me. It smacks of capricious authority, and that's one thing I can't stand.

I don't want someone to dig a hole in my sandbox and tell me that's the only place I can play. If I get sand in my eyes from digging on my own, by god, it was my own damned fault. I can make that intellectual distinction on my own, thank you. If something challenges my position, good. If I don't agree, so be it. The decision should be mine alone.

I'm curious about a lot of things voat does differently. What I've seen, from in this thread learning about open mod logs, or even a built in night-mode I stumbled across... This feels nice and fresh. The furniture is clean. Good work.