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Everything had a sub, and I mean everything. As long as it wasn’t grossly illegal you could probably find a sub to fit whatever you were in to.







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thanks for the links dude, way to set the mood.


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No problem, hope you enjoy :)


[–] nxiety ago 

There in lies the problem. They banned a less offensive subreddit and left so many grossly offensive ones behind.

I'm sure they'll eventually ban all of those and the others, but where will it end? SOME subreddits should obviously not be allowed(the underage girls ones a while back for example.) Unfortunately the line they've drawn is too far over the line. They've made it clear they want a politically correct site, and in doing so they've limited so much speech. Morbidly obese people are a problem, they aren't healthy, and they're a huge burden on the healthcare system in every country because they can't control themselves. Calling that fact out should in no way be banworthy.


[–] Chops ago 

It's a hydra though, ban one of those subs and two more spring up in its place. What can you really do about it?